How to Make a Balloon Flower

Learn how to make a balloon flower to dazzle the kids at your next party. Kids love balloon shapes, so think of including these balloon flowers at the next kid's party you host. You can also use your talent to attach balloon flowers to a gift, adding a balloon gift to the birthday present.

Round balloon flowers
This balloon flower is made with small round balloons tied together around a center balloon of a different color. Tricks to know: don't inflate the balloons all the way so you have longer ends after the knot to work with for tying them together.

  1. Make the center balloon smaller than the balloons for the petals.
  2. Tie the inflated balloons for the petals together in one group of two and another of three.
  3. Tie the five balloons together.
  4. For the center of the flower, make a pair of smaller balloons in a different color from the petals. Tie the pair together.
  5. Insert the pair into the center of the bunch so that the other five balloons surround the pair of center balloons on either side. That way, from any side, it still looks like a flower.
  6. Tie the balloon flower with clear fishing line, first running it between the petals in turn to help hold them all together.


Long skinny balloon flower using one balloon (#260)
This is an easy way to make a balloon flower using one #260 balloon. It's the fastest to make and looks cute.

  1. Semi-inflate the balloon and knot the end.
  2. Starting at the knotted end, make a bubble and twist it a few times to hold it.
  3. Right next to the first bubble, make two more the same way, then join the twist holding the third bubble to the one holding the first bubble so the second and third are now paired and joined next two the first.
  4. Repeat two more times, attaching each new pair next to the bubble with the knot.
  5. Push the air down to the other end of the balloon, leaving a wiggly "stem" between the bloom and the end.


Long skinny balloon flower using three balloons (#260)
This balloon flower is nice because you can use green for the stem, and make your petals different colors, too.

  1. Blow up 2 #260 balloons and knot the ends. Note: Do not over inflate.
  2. Make a circle of each one by tying the end and the knot together. Fold the circle together, holding the knot to the center of the other side. Twist there, making a figure 8.
  3. Bring the loops together, and twist them in half again with the knot in the center. Now you have four petals.
  4. Repeat with the second balloon. By shoving them together and manipulating the loops between one another, make an asterisk of both sets of four with the knots in the center.
  5. For the stem, inflate a green #260, again without over-inflating it and knot the end. In the middle, twist two loops for the leaves.
  6. Squish a bubble at the knotted end by pinching about ½" down from the knot and pushing the air down a bit.
  7. Push the bubble through the flower petal balloons into the center.
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