Party Games For Large Groups That Aren't Too Cheesy

Looking for some party games for large groups that won't make your guests groan? Party planning for a large group is stressful and, while playing games can be a blast, the wrong games can bring the fun to a screeching halt. Try the following suggestions for your large party, and everyone should have a good time.

Generally, trivia games are a solid choice for large groups of adults. You have many different trivia games to choose from, however, so keep your guests in mind when opting for a game with a niche topic.

Popular trivia games include:

Trivial Pursuit: Your choices don't stop with the classic, general knowledge version. Also consider their specialty versions.

Mental Floss: This trivia game is geared toward a cerebral crowd and is much more challenging than the usual trivia game. Still, it can be fun for everyone because you learn some really bizarre facts.

Cranium: This isn't strictly a trivia game. In fact, it includes aspects of Pictionary and charades, as well. It's a crowd pleaser, however, because the game changes so much.

The beauty of this party game is that you don't need to purchase anything beforehand, plus you can entertain a large crowd with it. Charades can be a lot of fun if you do a little party planning before you begin.

The following tips will help you enjoy a successful game of charades:

Adapt the subjects for the party. If it is a Christmas party, for instance, all of the answers can be associated with the holiday.

Know when to call it quits. Since this isn't a regular board game, you need to establish exactly when your charades will end. It can be a fun game, but it doesn't need to last all night.

DVD Games
If you need party games for a particularly large group, then regular board games can be a hassle. Luckily, modern society has found a solution with the invention of the DVD game.

Popular DVD games include:

Scene It? This pop culture trivia game is a lot of fun because it will show actual photos and videos from movies and television series.

Quip It! Here, everyone watches a strange series of images and videos, and then writes funny quips for each one. Players must then guess who made which quip.

Family Feud: This popular game show has always been fun to watch as a group, so it's only fitting that a home version be made.

Party planning can be maddening, and games can make or break an evening. Follow the above advice, and you should find some party games that make your big night a success. In other words, keep Twister in the closet.

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