Fun Party Games for Large Groups

Having a large group for a party requires creative party planning in the activities department. There are some great party games for large groups that work well with a sizable crowd. Consider the crowd and choose the games accordingly. For example, a lot of intellectual guests would like some games more than others. Guests who are relaxed and like to have a good time would be better served by other games. Look over this list, and the recommended crowd for each, to make a good choice for your large party.

Apples to Apples
This game is good for people who don't mind sitting around a table. It involves opinions, and is best when guests know each other at least a little. This is because the object of the game is to try to guess what one player will choose from a list of choices. Knowing the player making the choice (the judge) is an advantage in playing. It is widely known, and lots of fun to play. There are also some spin-off versions available, such as the Jewish Edition, Bible Edition, and Spanish.

This is the classic game of playing in teams, with drawing and trying to guess what's being drawn. This game really is good for a crowd of homogeneous intellects. The reason for this is that everyone writes the items to be drawn before the game. Someone from the intellectual crowd might write "Napoleon Bonaparte" while someone else might write "rubber duck." That's all fine until someone who has no idea who Napoleon is picks that card. Then it's anxiety provoking because the player doesn't want to feel stupid. Of course, if the person is creative, he can draw a pole, and something to symbolize "part" and hope his team can figure it out. So, the bottom line here is to consider the mix of players for this game. Another good variation is to play "who-what-where" style, in which there are three bowls. Everyone writes six slips: two people, two places, and two objects. Each are placed into the appropriate bowl. On a player's turn, he chooses one from each bowl and has to draw the person with the object in the place for the team to guess.

Murder in the Dark
This teen classic is fun if you want to adjust it for the crowd. The regular game is played by everyone choosing a card from a regular deck. Whoever picks the Ace of Spades is the killer. The party continues as normal, but the killer has to whisper "bang" in the ear of an intended victim. The victim counts to ten and then dies in some dramatic way. Then other guests are free to make an accusation of who the killer is. If the guest is right, he wins. If the guest is wrong, the guest is "dead" and the game continues. This can be modified to be political (one player is the nominee, and has to choose a running mate. Everyone has to guess who the nominee is….well, be creative!)

Other great party board games: Cranium, Taboo, Scruples (for those who like to debate), Murder Mystery, Casino-type games at different tables, Catchphrase, Scene It! and Celebrities.

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