Photo Scavenger Hunt for Teens

Need to entertain a group of teens? A photo scavenger hunt is a unique and creative way to ensure everyone has a blast. The only requirement for a photo scavenger hunt is a Polaroid camera, digital camera or photo phone. The hardest part of throwing a scavenger hunt is developing the hunt itself. Here are some ideas and basic guidelines that may help.

Set Boundaries:
You can hold the hunt anywhere from the mall, to the park or even more practical, from home. If you live in a safe neighborhood and have a respectable group of teens on your hands, let the town be their limits. If you wish to keep a closer eye on them, perhaps a three block radius, a park or the mall is more appropriate. If you decide you want to hold it in the mall, first find out if your mall allows photos to be taken inside, as many will not.

3 Basic Ground Rules:

  1. Stay in teams or pairs. Lone traveling is not safe, and thus against the rules. Providing colored shirts or letting the kids make their own team shirts may seem like a fun idea for the younger teens.
  2. Obey the law. Though it should be assumed, make sure that every one understands that the law may not be broken to complete any tasks on the list.
  3. Every task on the list must include a photo to prove completion.

Developing your own list:
Photo scavenger hunt lists are simple to create once you get to thinking. Here are some ideas to consider:

What are some common items within your boundaries?
If you are hunting in the mall, consider tasks that revolve around fast food joints, kiosks, department stores, etc.
If the hunt is set in your town include gas stations, playgrounds, traffic signs, places of interest, landmarks, etc.

Keep it free!
Nothing on the list should cost money. There are hundreds of free-to-view and free-to-obtain items in the world. Focus your hunt around them.

Include other people.
Have the teens include people in the town to help them check off their lists.
Before the hunt begins, ask a gas station clerk or a neighbor to hold a item necessary to complete their lists.

Goofy and weird is fun.
The stranger the task, the better.
Do not make them impossible to complete, but not everything on the list should be completed on the first try.

Great sample ideas for a mall scavenger hunt:

  1. Take a picture with a mannequin.
  2. Find someone with the initials TD and have them sign your hand, and get a picture
  3. Find something red hanging from the ceiling.
  4. Find three different styles of trashcans.
  5. Take a picture by a caution sign
  6. Try on a formal dress.
  7. Take a picture of your partner at the bottom of an escalator from the top.
  8. Get a single picture of four people (including someone on your team) with four different hair colors.
  9. Try on the ugliest outfit you can gather. (Bonus points can be awarded to ugliest outfit)
  10. Take a picture on a piece of living room furniture.

Great samples for an around-town scavenger hunt:

  1. Dress a fire hydrant.
  2. Draw a funny picture and hang it on a public bulletin board.
  3. Take a picture with a stranger who has the same hair color as you.
  4. Find a street that begins with the letter B, and take a picture under the street sign.
  5. Get a picture of a wild animal (duck, squirrel, deer, wild buffalo, etc.)
  6. Find, and take a picture with a "dead end," or "no outlet" sign.
  7. Find someone wearing your team color, and get a picture with them.
  8. Get pictures on five different benches
  9. Take your picture in a port-a-potty
  10. Take a picture next to an emergency vehicle.



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