How to Make a Pull String Piñata

Learn how to make a pull string piñata and you will have a great option for kids because it eliminates the "dangerous" aspect of piñatas; swinging a stick or bat. Breaking a piñata open with a bat can also be difficult to do and may require too much strength and coordination for younger children. If you know how to make a pull string piñata, you can include a piñata in your next party no matter the ages of your audience.

The simplest way to make a pull string piñata is to alter a premade piñata. To do this, your first step will be choosing a piñata. It's best to pick a piñata with a flat bottom, though you can work with a piñata in a different shape. Now you'll cut a hole or trap door in the bottom of the piñata. Use a knife or something sharp to poke small holes in the flap. You'll run pieces of string through these holes. If you want all of the strings to open the piñata (so that all of the children can open the piñata at once), tie knots in all of the strings. If you'd like them to follow the traditional steps of opening a piñata and take turns pulling strings, only knot one. The rest will slip out as the children pull on them. Now you'll secure the flap closed using tape. If the piñata looks very different once it's been cut and taped, you can use strips of paper and a papier maché paste (one part flour, two parts water) to make a new layer of piñata. Wait a full twenty-four hours to let the paste dry, then decorate it in coordination with the rest of the piñata. You're done! Hang the piñata and let children pull the strings to get their treats.

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