Piñata Ideas for Your Next Party

Piñata ideas make for great parties. Kids and adults love to swing a stick, trying to break the piñata open to retrieve the goodies.

Try a fun shape at your next party. This works especially well if you're having a themed party. You can make characters for a children's birthday party, a beer-bottle shaped piñata decorated like a Corona bottle for a summer party or a traditional star, like the original piñatas. To change the shape of your piñata, you can either buy a balloon in the shape of the piñata you wish to make or you can get creative using cardboard and paper to fashion a base for your piñata.

You can also vary what you put inside of your piñata. Candy is pretty standard, but you can put anything inside that will fit. Small toys are a great option for piñatas, as well as beaded jewelry and hair barrettes for little girl's parties. For boys parties, try baseball cards or Matchbox cars. Both genders will enjoy bubbles, small bouncy balls and art supplies such as crayons, markers and chalk.

No matter what you choose to fill the piñata with, it's a good idea to have a secret bag of goodies stashed somewhere. This will ensure that younger kids or those who aren't as quick as others will get some of the treats.

If you're worried about the idea of having a group of blindfolded children swinging a stick, another option is to make a pull string piñata. This takes the danger out of the piñata; instead of breaking the piñata open, each child pulls a string which will either fall out or pull open a flap on the piñata.

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