Pirate Party Food

When the party guests' stomachs start to growl, it's time for some pirate party food. There are lots of pirate party food ideas you can serve at a pirate theme kids party.

While you don't want to serve what pirates actually ate on the open seas, remember that to be a pirate means not using good table manners and centering the food on a pirate or nautical theme. This means lots of finger food as well as food that makes the party guests think about ships and the ocean.

For the main course, consider serving chicken drumsticks and wings. Little hands can grab these easily and tear right in with pirate gusto. Another entree idea is to make pigs in a blanket, but call them "pirate fingers." Chicken nuggets can double as gold pieces and even sandwiches can take on a pirate theme with little plastic swords holding them together. Fish and chips are the perfect nautical fare for party guests as well.

Side dishes allow you to use even more creative pirate party food ideas. Turn creamy pasta alfredo into slimy seaweed with a few drops of green food coloring or serve round cheese puffs and call them cannonballs. Change the traditional "ants on a log" to "pirates on a ship" and use celery and apple slices filled with peanut butter. Thread little paper sails onto toothpicks and insert gently into each portion and don't forget the raisin pirates. Of course, cheddar goldfish crackers bring the ocean right to each plate. Cut up refrigerated breadstick dough and form a dozen little X's. Bake and coat with butter and Parmesan cheese and you'll find that every pirate is eager for an "X marks the spot" at the pirate theme kids party.

Consider drinks in your pirate party food ideas. Everyone knows that pirates drank grog or ale, so use foamy root beer in mugs to satisfy their thirst. You can also make "Barracuda Blood" drinks by mixing fruit punch and fizzy lemon-lime soda. For simple convenience, purchase juice boxes of apple juice or fruit punch and paste a skull and crossbones cutout on each one.

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Your kids will love having swashbuckling adventures at a pirate birthday party, which can be one of the easiest and most fun parties to throw.

There is a wealth of pirate theme party ideas to help your little one feel like a real buccaneer for the day. Party planning can be just as fun as attending, so use your imagination and you may find yourself throwing a p-arr-ty that is unforgettable.

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