Swashbuckling Pirate Decorations

While party planning stores have lots of pirate decorations, you can come up with some of your own ideas for much less money. Decorating for a pirate birthday party is about deciding on a few key pieces to really set the mood, then accenting with inexpensive but dramatic accessories. 

Decide on the colors. Most pirate party decorations include black and gold, with red as an accent color. Princess pirate parties may substitute pink for red, and pairs well with black and gold pirate birthday decorations. Use streamers in the party colors, as well as balloons and table cloths to create a colorful setting.

Wall hangings can transform a plain room into a pirate cove. Make a large banner that welcomes guests, such as "Ahoy! Welcome Aboard!" or "Beware! Here Be Pirates!" Create and cut out pirate flags, skull and crossbones and even sharks and squids. There are many great clip art resources to find silhouettes of pirates, multi-masted ships and even treasure chests. Make other signs that read, "Enter at your own risk!" and "Land Ho!" and scatter them around for effective pirate birthday decorations.

Add fishing nets to the room for pirate decorations, using nets from a party store or cutting up old hammocks. Place fish, oyster, octopus and seashell cutouts in the net, or take it a little bit creepier for older kids and add plastic skeletons and plastic pirate weapons in the netting. Or go for the beach look with a few paper palm trees, cut from brown and green butcher paper. Use brown balloon coconuts to finish off the festive pirate birthday decorations.

Create a focal point in the pirate decorations with a treasure chest. Spray-paint a foam cooler brown and filling it with plastic coins and jewels. Set it up next to some rope, old whiskey barrels and a plastic sword or two. A leftover Halloween skeleton in a pirate hat could add just the right touch to pirate decorations for an older group of kids. This makes a good photo backdrop if you want.

For the main table, use the table cloth in your color of choice and create an awesome pirate centerpiece using old root beer bottles, parchment paper, tea light candles and some gold coins. Create a special message on the paper, whether you do a treasure map for a later game, include a true pirate story or make it a party thank you note. Roll the message up and insert it into the bottle. Tie twine or ribbon around the bottle's neck and loop beads, a gold medallion or other trinket onto the twine. If you can, put a skull and crossbones sticker onto the bottle for an extra special touch. Arrange the bottles in various heights, using inverted cake pans and casserole dishes covered by a blue or brown cloth. Set the tea lights among the bottles and light them up to create a memorable pirate decoration centerpiece.

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Your kids will love having swashbuckling adventures at a pirate birthday party, which can be one of the easiest and most fun parties to throw.

There is a wealth of pirate theme party ideas to help your little one feel like a real buccaneer for the day. Party planning can be just as fun as attending, so use your imagination and you may find yourself throwing a p-arr-ty that is unforgettable.

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