Princess and Castle Theme Party Decorations

At least once, your daughter will want to have a princess birthday. Before little girls dream of becoming doctors or lawyers, there is a time when they pretend to be princesses. Their imagination takes them to far-away kingdoms, where knights in shining armor, kings, queens, princes and princesses reside. To turn your daughter's dreams into reality for a day, start by decorating your home like a castle with these castle theme party decorations.

Majestic Throne
Set up an area where your princess can sit and see her citizens and townsfolk-her guests- bask in her grace. Find the plushest chair you own, and drape it in the fabric of her choice. Complete it with a castle backdrop to highlight the palace. Get large pieces of cardboard from appliance outlets, cut them out and paint the backdrops.

Birthday Cake
The cake itself should look like a castle. A castle-shaped cake complete with cones, towers and scenic landscape is a perfect choice. You can bake cake layers of different sizes and stack them one on top of the other to create the right effect. Or, you can bake a single sheet cake and use upside-down ice cream cones as castle towers. This can double as the centerpiece so make it really special.

Banners, Streamers, Balloons and Confetti
These are cheap but essential decorations to mimic a grand ballroom's festiveness. Banners and streamers can be used to replace the decorative tapestries and curtains of a castle. They are cheap and practical, yet very effective. Balloons are trouble-free decorations for castle parties. You can easily tape them on walls and tie them on party chairs. Bright and colorful confetti will surely be a hit among kids, most especially your little princess.

Party Tableware
Kids can be a handful sometimes. They move and play around a lot. So, while using fine dishes is royal behavior, taking out your precious china is a very bad idea. Princess-inspired disposable plates, glasses, spoons and forks are readily available from any party store. This will save you time and effort when it comes to party cleanup. You can also go with a plain color theme, such as pink and white, instead of buying tableware printed with the image of the latest animated princess. Finish off the table settings by winding pink tulle down the center of the table.

Going through all this effort is nothing compared to how happy your little girl will feel. When she grows up, she will certainly look back and remember that once in her life she was a perfect princess.

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