Make Your Own Princess Birthday Invitations

The best way to set the tone for your daughter's royalty-themed birthday party is to make your own princess birthday invitations. It's fun and easy to do, and this project lets your little princess get involved with planning her own birthday event.

Castle Invitations
Start by finding a simple castle template online, or get a basic line drawing from a child's coloring book. Trace and cut out the castle shape onto folded card stock in your child's favorite color. Make sure you do not cut completely through the top, but leave parts of the fold so the card will open. Now decorate the castle by drawing windows and a castle door. Let your child help you decorate with glitter, sequins and ribbon. Then put all your basic information on the inside, and pop it in the mail.

Pretty Princess Invitations
Use a printout of a princess or draw one yourself, color it and cut it out. You can choose to have it open or simply use the back for the information. Ask your daughter to embellish the princess. Cut strips of tulle and glue them to her skirt at the waist. Add a glitter crown to her head and tiny sequins to her dress. Purchase envelopes to fit the card, and send them off.

A Crown Invitation
A crown shape is another fun idea for a princess birthday invitation. Draw a crown onto folded yellow cardstock, and cut it out. Use jewels and glitter to decorate.

Whatever card you choose, make the message inside fit the theme. For example, you can write: "Hear ye, hear ye! You are invited to attend a royal event. Princess (your child's name) is hosting a royal party. Put on your favorite gown and slippers, and come dine with her at (address) on (date and time)."

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In planning your princess party favors, fill each goodie bag with something they need, something they will like and something to eat.

Homemade princess party invitations give the birthday girl a chance to set the tone for her own party. She can pick any theme or style she desires: After all, she gets to be princess for a day.

You could spend a good deal of money and order a princess birthday cake from the local cake store. But why do that when you can make one for a fraction of the cost? Not only is it cheaper to make your own, but your daughter will also love the fact that you created it just for her.

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