Homemade Princess Gifts for a Princess Party

For a princess birthday party, you want to get your little princess or the guest of honor princess gifts that makes her feel special. You can always head to the store, purchase something you think she will like and have it gift-wrapped. It's fast, snappy, and almost effortless, but a homemade gift is more personal and heartfelt. Here are a few ideas that are sure to impress a girl who gets to be princess for a day:

Magical Quilts
Does she love "Sleeping Beauty?" She'll look forward to naptime with this simple gift. You'll need a plain quilt or blanket, decorative patches for animals, butterflies and flowers, and beads from the craft store. Paste the patches on the quilt with fabric glue. When the glue dries, sew the patches to the quilt. String the beads close to the quilt's edge. To make it even prettier, dangle those plastic trinkets and baubles along the edges. Imagine the oohs and ahhs when she opens this gift at her princess birthday party.

Sea Soaps
Even if she can't live underwater like Princess Ariel, she will love taking a bath even more with creative soaps. Glycerin soap blocks are available in many colors. You can melt them and let them set to make one-inch-thick blocks. Cut them with assorted cookie cutters to create stars, clouds, crescents and, of course, fish.

Pretty Princess
If your little girl loves what the princesses are wearing the most, she will be thrilled with beaded jewelry. Just make sure all the materials are hypoallergenic if she has sensitive skin. Once you make the jewelry, complete the present with a crown. You can sew a crown made of felt. For a less permanent option, you can create a crown out of posterboard, and then paint it and decorate it with glitter so she can wear it during the party.


Happily Ever After Scrapbook
What if your princess wants to write her own story? Create a blank scrapbook that follows the princess theme. Fill each page with borders, accents, stickers and speech balloons. Include images of crowns, tiaras and thrones, but leave it to your princess to complete it with pictures. This is also a great idea to introduce her to arts and crafts.

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