Princess Party Theme Ideas

Consider throwing a princess party with these great princess party theme ideas.

Once-upon-a-time there were two little girls, both turning four, who wanted to be princesses and dance for their birthdays. The mothers, busy with their queenly duties as all mothers are, wondered how to pull-off such an affair and still stay sane? They decided to join kingdoms, and efforts, to create a once-in-a-lifetime event fit for a duo birthday dream. They ended up with an afternoon of enchantment, and a really great recipe for pulling together a princess party that is both a classic and simple affair!

Step one of the party involved renting a small dance studio for an afternoon. We decided neither of us wanted the extra burden of having to use our own home. We used a studio in a converted barn, but any open room would do (some folks have basements or barns of their own that could work fine). Splitting the cost of the rental between the two families made it very economical for both of us.

Birthday Ball invitations were created on the computer. They were written as tickets, and in true Cinderella style, they requested that "all princesses in the kingdom must attend" (luckily for us, we live in a fairly small town). We glitzed the invites with sparkle glue and placed them in envelopes full of confetti (our friends love us).

We decided to develop a motif of castles and frogs for the day. Using old cardboard refrigerator boxes, Heather designed two castle towers with entry gates using spray paint and box cutters. Simply, the large boxes were cut open, rounded, and re-taped into large tubes. Another section of cardboard was cut to make a top-cone. She used her added skill to cut out windows in fun shapes like stars and hearts. One tower was spray-painted gold and the other one silver.

We wrapped the towers in grapevines for an authentic look, and topped them with long, shimmering scarves to blow like flags in the wind. She also created a table-top decoration of a Baghdad-style castle cut from two pieces of white cardboard that fit together in a center slit. This created a two-dimensional standing design. For those less creative, or with less time, a castle statue or play-castle centerpiece would work fine.

Party favors were fun to make! Each princess received: a flower-wand, a Ball Dance mask, a cute green, plastic frog, and - after the fairy hunt - a fairy sticker to take home. The flower wand directions follow:

Flower Wands


  • Wooden dowels (one per guest)
  • Green florist tape
  • Hot glue
  • Selection of silk flowers and leaves
  • Selection of colored ribbons.

First clip off flowers and leaves selected for the wand. Hot glue the flower choice to one end of the dowel. Begin wrapping florist tape around the stick, adding a leaf or two on the way up. Completely wrap the stick to the point where the flower begins, sticking in several long strands of ribbon near the top. Adhere with a extra drop of glue if needed.

Ball-room masks were made using plain white masks and decorating them with feathers, glitter, moss, and fake flowers. This could also be a great party activity in and of itself! We used extra gold and silver spray paint to cover party favor paper bags as well as to paint dried teasel and other weeds for decorating in large vases by the doors. Miscellaneous toy frogs of every size and style were placed around the room, as well as selected fairy-tale books with strong princesses and girls as the theme. Suggested stories might include The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, Prince Nautilus by Laura Krauss Melmed (where a girl of character is the real heroine), and other folklore like the Farmer's Clever Daughter.

Although the birthday cakes were special ordered (in an attempt to simplify the event more), we ended up having to make them ourselves at the last minute! No problem, we created two small heart-shaped, organic, whole-wheat pastry flour chocolate cakes decorated in pink frosting and flowers, and one large Betty Crocker double layer lemon cake with cream-cheese frosting. This we decorated with more flowers and a green frog on top. Certainly a fancy, tiered cake would be lovely at such an event, but all birthday cakes are beautiful and you do whatever you can!

The main event was a room full of balloons (these we blew-up with family help and dumped by the bagful all over the floor) and the tiny princesses themselves, decked out for the dance! We created a CD of Disney princess movie songs as well as some other classical favorites that played throughout the party. We led the girls through a few dance activities and guided imagery, but mostly they danced on their own. Two other activities involved a fairy hunt outside in the garden, using stickers the girls could collect, led song and storytelling time occurred on a blanket I called "the magic carpet" (I told the story of the Frog Princess to go with our theme). This was followed by present-opening with each birthday girl at their selected throne, and then cake and ice-cream.

It was a day for memories and magic, time to celebrate birthdays and the joy of being involved in such a fun creation! I know that most of these little girls, a few big and little brothers, and their families, will remember the Princess Ball for a long, long time. The added treasure was working collaboratively with another mom, sharing skills and resources, not to mention a few laughs - making for a doubly good event.

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The best way to set the tone for your daughter's royalty-themed birthday party is to make your own princess birthday invitations. It's fun and easy to do, and this project lets your little princess get involved with planning her own birthday event.

Homemade princess party invitations give the birthday girl a chance to set the tone for her own party. She can pick any theme or style she desires: After all, she gets to be princess for a day.

You could spend a good deal of money and order a princess birthday cake from the local cake store. But why do that when you can make one for a fraction of the cost? Not only is it cheaper to make your own, but your daughter will also love the fact that you created it just for her.

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