Simple Verses for Christmas Cards

When it comes to verses for Christmas cards, you can find plenty to choose from at the store. But how many actually say what you'd like to say in your own Christmas card?

Verses for Christmas cards that are written by a greeting card writer are usually generic sayings that work for just about anyone. This is perfect for most people. As long as you're not planning on saying something profound that would apply only to you and the recipient of the card, most cards will do. But if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind sentiment, you'll have to write. Sometimes you just want to say it from the heart.

How to Make Your Own Card
Perhaps you want to be a little more sentimental, a little more personal, a little more mushy or a little less generic. When you just can't find the right card with the right verse, or you have found the right card but hate the verse inside, it might be time to haul out the scrapbooking materials, make your own Christmas card and write your own Christmas card verses.

If you've found the right card but hate the verse, use the card and make your own verse. Either cut the front of the card off and paste it over a different card that is blank inside, or create your very own card. Making Christmas cards is as easy as writing your own verses.

Use card stock to create a card. Cards can be any size, but if you plan on sending them in the mail, make sure you have an envelope that fits. Cut the scene from a Christmas card or a photo and paste it onto the new card.

Simple Verses for Christmas Cards
You can be sentimental or you can be serious, but be yourself and say what you mean. Try a simple two-line verse:

We'll be home for Christmas!
We wouldn't miss it for the world.

When it snows, my heart dances
For I know very soon I'll be heading home!

Forget about sugarplums dancing in my head.
All I can think about is coming home for the holidays!

Family, friends and a little bit of snow,
Who could ask for anything more?

When you're writing your verses, think about the person you're writing to and how you feel about that person. It's often helpful to write the verse on a piece of notebook paper before you commit it to the card. That way, you can change it around to make sure it says exactly what you want, and you can be sure it will fit in the space you have.

If you get stuck, brainstorm some ideas with a piece of blank paper. Think about the person or the mood you want to convey, then start writing down words that fit your theme. Don't worry about rhyming or structure, just get the words down on paper. It can be a simple list of words and phrases, or a few quick sentences or sentence fragments that have meaning. Once you've got those ideas written down, read them over and look for ways to fit them together. You'll quickly be composing verses that are sure to delight the person who reads them.

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