What to Write in a Christmas Card

Knowing what to write in a Christmas card puts you one step closer to having your holiday tasks completed on time. When you know the people you are sending holiday wishes to, you already know what to say in a Christmas card: Just write from the heart and say what you mean. Christmastime is the perfect time to be a little gushy or nostalgic, so let your family and friends know how much they mean to you.

Deciding what to Write
If you have a sentimental, nostalgic personality, don't let anything stand in you way. Make your own cards or at the very least, buy blank cards so that you're free to add your own message. Your family and friends will love reading the words that have come directly from your heart.

Try these ideas to keep writer's block away and to make sending Christmas cards more fun:

  • Make each card unique. Do not put the same message into each card, or the words will lose their meaning.
  • Keep it short.
  • Keep it personal, but not too personal. Often others are reading over the shoulders of the recipient, and Christmas cards are generally displayed throughout the holiday to be read and reread by everyone who enters.
  • Reminisce about an event you shared in years past, whether it is a childhood adventure or a recent experience. Make it a good, happy memory, not a sad memory.
  • Say what you mean.
  • Remember that once you write your words down, they will be on the card forever unless the recipient throws the card away. Don't write something that will embarrass you later on, or embarrass the recipient. Private matters should not appear in a Christmas card.
  • Have your Christmas card do double duty. Use it to not only relay Happy Holidays but also to invite the recipient to your house for an event such as a wreath-making party, cookie exchange or family Christmas party.

Holidays Bring Out the Sentiment
Holidays do bring out the sentimental side in each of us. View that as a good thing. If you have been on the outs with someone you love, a Christmas card can be the vehicle that brings amends to the rift.

Think about it this way: You can send a simple greeting, one that could be sent to anyone, or you can send a heartfelt message that would be music to the ears of someone you love dearly and want back in your life. Though some disagreements leave painful emotions behind and you may think they cannot be mended overnight, Christmas is the time for miracles. Put your faith in the holiday and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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