How to Make Papier Mache Christmas Ornaments

It's easy to learn how to make papier mache crafts with the kids. There are so many fun and easy children's Christmas crafts for your kids. Imagine your Christmas tree decorated with the best ornaments you can find. Christmas ornaments are fun to hang on the Christmas tree. Make your own ornaments out of papier machè. They look really authentic and the designs are only limited by your imagination.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Average

You Will Need:

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Newspaper strips

  • Small balloon

  • Tempera or acrylic paints

  • Paintbrush

  • Glitter glue

  • Straight pin


Papier machè

  1. Mix 1 part flour with 2 parts water in a mixing bowl. The glue should be slightly runny and definitely not thick. If it is too runny, add 1 teaspoon of flour at a time until it is a good consistency. If it is too thick, add 2 tablespoons of water at a time until it is the right consistency.

  2. Cover your work surface with paper to protect it and to make clean-up easier.

  3. Blow up your balloon and tie it in a knot. You will want to hang your balloon from a piece of string, as this will make it easier to work.

  4. Start by dipping a strip of newspaper into the papier machè glue. Using your forefinger and thumb, rub excess glue off of the strip back into the bowl.

  5. Lay the strip onto the balloon. Be sure to smooth it out to help make the ornament as smooth as possible. Continue doing this until the entire balloon is covered with strips of newspaper. It is a good idea to overlap pieces of newspaper on top of each other to ensure total coverage.

  6. Let the papier machè dry for 24 hours.

  7. Repeat steps 4 thorugh 6 above the next day. The more layers of newspaper you add to your balloon, the heavier and more durable it will become. Two layers is good for this particular project.

Decorating the ornament

  1. Once the ornament is totally dry, you are ready to paint. Leave the ornament hanging, as it will be easier to paint it this way. Paint the entire ornament in any way that you like. You might paint it all one color or use assorted colors. Let the paint dry.

  2. After your first coat of paint dries, you may want to apply a second coat, depending on whether or not you can see the newspaper through your first coat. Darker colors tend to be adequate for one coat, while lighter colors almost always need a second coat of paint.

  3. Once the ornament is completely dry, you can now add festive designs with glitter glue. Let the glitter glue dry.

  4. Now you are ready to pop a hole in your balloon and let the air seep out. You will notice the balloon shrinking to the point that you are able to easily pull it out of the ornament. You can discard the balloon and the string at this point.

  5. The last step is to place an ornament topper into your ornament, add a hook and hang it on your tree.

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