Christmas Crafts For Children

One of the easiest Christmas crafts for children is making a Christmas village. Not only will this project keep your child busy during the holiday, but it will also give her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

A Christmas village has staying power, and the parts that make up the village can be used year after year. If your child makes two Christmas village houses each year, one for the village and one to use as a Christmas ornament, you'll have the added benefit of watching her budding artistic talents grow each year as the houses become more elaborate and her artwork more controlled.

Creating A Milk Carton Christmas Village
Supplies You Will Need:
Several small milk cartons
Tissue paper in different colors
Hole punch
White spray paint

Open the milk carton from the top. Wash and dry the milk carton. While you cut out the windows, instruct your child to cut out squares of colored tissue paper, slightly larger than the windows, to be taped or glued over the windows from the inside of the carton. Let your child be as creative as she wants. For instance, encourage her to use the hole punch to punch a design into the tissue paper. After holes have been cut for the windows, cover the house in white spray paint. Allow the house to thoroughly dry before you add a second coat. Two or three coats should do the trick.

When the paint has dried, insert the tissue paper, and tape it over the windows from the inside of the carton. Close the top of the carton, and secure.

Display The Christmas Village
When your children have finished making their Christmas houses, set the village in a window sill or on a side table where it can be displayed throughout the holiday season. A deep shelf works particularly well because you can line the corners and sides of the shelf walls with faux evergreen trees, suspend glittery stars on fishing wire just above the rooftops and add mountains of billowing, crystallized snow to create a true winter wonderland. You can even illuminate the houses with strands of Christmas lights.

Musical Snowflakes
To give your Christmas village a nostalgic feel, make paper snowflakes out of old music sheets. If possible, make sure the sheet music or old music books are filled with Christmas songs. Use dollhouse accessories to make and hang small wreaths decorated with musical instruments on the front of each house. For the finishing touch, take a photo of your child singing Christmas carols. Cut out her silhouette, reinforce the photo with cardstock and then place her silhouette beside one of the houses as part of the scenery.

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Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to spend time with your children, invite the spirit of the season into your home and provide plenty of ideas for homemade gifts. There are a wide variety of craft projects available for children of all ages, so choose age-appropriate projects to bring smiles instead of frustration. Christmas crafts for kids allow them to get involved in the festivities.

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Children's Christmas crafts not only entertain and engage young children, but they also get them excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Even better, they'll have some cute decorations to save and cherish through the years. 

During the holidays, baking cookies together is a wonderful way to spend time with your children. By letting them cut and decorate their own cookies, you'll make them feel more involved in the holiday preparations.

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