Foam Santa Crafts for Kids

Create simple and fun Santa crafts with the kids. You can make this fun version of Santa to hang in your house or turn into a magnet for your refrigerator or mirror. With the template provided, you can make him as big as you want.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Average

You Will Need:

  • Template provided

  • Large sheet of red foam

  • Small sheets of white and black foam

  • Scrap piece of pink foam

  • Cotton balls

  • Black permanent marker

  • Large wiggly eyes

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Pencil


  1. Print out the template provided. You can enlarge the template up to 150% or make it smaller to make Santa as big or small as you want. Cut out each part to use as a template for your foam.

  2. Red foam will make the body, pants, hat and arms. White foam will make the face, hat, ruffle and buckle. Black foam will make the mittens, boots and belt. Pink foam will make Santa's nose. Cut all of these pieces of foam out.

  3. Draw a face on Santa using a black permanent marker. Add his pink nose and two large wiggly eyes.

  4. Put all of the pieces together, gluing them down as you go.

  5. Once you have the pieces glued together, use cotton balls for Santa's hat, his beard and on his suit.

  6. Santa is now ready for you to use.

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