Simple Wooden Christmas Crafts

Wooden Christmas crafts are some of the earliest Christmas ornaments and toys. Today, few handmade toys and ornaments are produced, unless, of course, you can afford to pay top dollar or you make them yourself. To create a dozen ornaments that would be worthy of your tree, you can use household items such as clothespins, pencils, ice cream sticks, and paint stirrers.

How to Make a Clothespin Ornament
Really cute reindeer ornaments can be created with just three clothespins and a little bit of glue. Point two clothespins down for the legs, and point the last clothespin up for the head. To decorate the reindeer, add googly eyes, a red pompom for the nose and a white pompom for the tail.

How to Make an Ice Cream Stick Ornament
You can use ice cream sticks as the base to create stick figures such as snowmen, nutcrackers or angels. To create a snowman, paint the ice cream stick white and use magic markers to add the face and the buttons. Use felt to create a black top hat and a snuggly scarf.

To create a nutcracker, use felt pieces to create a uniform, embellished with bits of gold ribbon. To create an angel, paint the stick white, glue on a gold pipe-cleaner halo and white feathers, and gather a bit of lace around the stick as the skirt.

How to Make a Paint Stirrer Ornament
For this craft you may want to take a trip to the hobby store for some additional craft supplies that might not be lying around the house.


  • Wooden ice cream sticks or wooden paint stirrers
  • White paint
  • Magic markers
  • Felt
  • Paper punch
  • Yarn

Paint the sticks white. Decorate the face with magic markers. Place the stick on the felt and then cut out a simple dress design with long sleeves. Make sure the dress is large enough to accomodate a yarn weave on either side of the stick. Cut out two identical dress pieces.

Punch holes around the sleeves and down the sides, leaving the bottom open, as well as a hole for the head. Sew the dress pieces together by weaving the yarn in and out of the holes, then insert the stick through the bottom of the dress, pushing the head out of the top hole.

Dab a little glue on the front and back of the stick, under the dress, to keep the dress from falling off. Use additional felt to create a hat and mittens, which can then be glued on, or create mittens on a string and loop the string through the arms before you glue the dress to the stick. Glue buttons down the front of the dress and add a few bits of yarn to the head for hair before you glue on a felt hat.

How to Make a Simple Wooden Ornament
To create a simple solid-wood ornament, such as a toy block, start with a square block of wood. If you plan on carving on the block, pine is a good choice. Carve letters into each side of the block, or paint the wood white and then draw and paint block letters onto each side. Paint each letter in a different color and then outline each panel or side with the same color as the letter. When you are finished, insert a small hook into one corner of the block and then tie on a piece of ribbon to hang it on your tree.

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What could be more festive than Christmas craft ornaments made by you and your family? These ornaments are simple enough for the whole family to enjoy making, from the little ones all the way up to Grandma!

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