Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Indoor Christmas decorating ideas can range from something as simple as fresh garland to a small holiday village that lights up. Whether you want a look that is elegant or whimsical, you can find something to suit your personality and home.

As you decorate the rest of the house, remember that the type of decoration you choose will usually depend on how you plan on decorating your tree. Think about the ornaments, lights and colors and then go shopping for an indoor Christmas decoration that matches. At the same time, you don't have to limit yourself to a red-and-green color scheme. Your home can be a tribute to the Christmas season, but it can also be a winter wonderland depending on your favorite colors. No matter which color scheme you use, it will look good on any of the following decorating ideas:

Electric Trains. Electric trains might not immediately come to mind, but they make for an interactive holiday decoration. Whether you run them around the base of your tree or around the perimeter of the room, they are sure to be a big hit with children. If you want to make an electric train more festive, you can fill the coal cars with holiday candies, but be careful if you have pets or small children.

Extra Ornaments. Ornaments aren't just for the tree. This type of indoor Christmas decoration can also be used in other parts of your home. For example, take a large, clear vase and fill it with colorful ball ornaments. This makes a great centerpiece for your table and it will also look great placed in halls or in guest bedrooms.

Garland. If you're decorating around a traditional holiday theme, look no further than fresh garland. This decoration adds both beauty and a wonderful scent to your home. If you don't like the idea of all those shedding needles, you can now find handmade versions that look almost identical to real garland. If you choose to use the handmade version, consider weaving white lights into it and hanging it around doorframes or spinning it around stair banisters.

Holiday Villages. Small holiday villages are not only beautiful, but you can also add to them each year, and they provide wonderful Christmas lighting. Start a village with just a few pieces and add a new piece each holiday season. Before you know it, it will grow into a large village filled with memories of holidays gone by. Note that you can either choose buildings that use candles or batteries to light up, but the battery-powered versions are much easier to light up each night.

Pinecones. Pinecones are often used in wreaths, but they can also be placed in a basket or strung together or as part of a display. You can also spray the pinecones different colors, such as silver for a winter wonderland theme, to add variety.

Stockings. Stockings are always a wonderful choice and can be found in many styles. You can even make homemade stockings if you wish to add a traditional touch to your holiday season. Stockings are fun to use, even if your children are grown. You can also use them to present your spouse with a few extra gifts, and your pets will enjoy playing with them when they are empty.

Treats. A simple yet elegant indoor Christmas decoration is a crystal candy dish or jar filled with holiday candy. Find candy that is wrapped in red and green to make the decoration stand out even more. Even better, you'll already be prepared to offer guests treats during your holiday parties. Just be sure to keep extra candy on hand because people will be tempted to eat.

Another great indoor Christmas decoration for your kitchen is a cookie jar. Cookie jars are perfect because they are both decorative and functional: They remind everyone of the season while also holding all those wonderful treats you've baked for the holidays. Kids and adults will love getting their hands caught in a fun holiday cookie jar, and, on Christmas Eve, you can leave the jar out for Santa along with a glass of milk.

Go shopping each year to add new decorations to your collection. When you look at your entire collection, many years later, each indoor Christmas decoration will have its own special memory. Take time each year to think about those memories and what the holiday means to you.

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