Christmas Snow Scenes for Indoors

Indoor Christmas snow scenes bring the chilly magic of the season right into your home. They add sparkle and glitter and make the holiday brighter. Creating Christmas snow scenes can easily be turned into a family adventure. You can use your project as a Christmas window decoration, or as a corner decoration to lighten a dull or dark area. Other great places to put lighted Christmas decorations are on a shelf in the middle of the library, above kitchen cabinets, in a China cabinet or under the Christmas tree.

Creating Snow Scenes
When you make Christmas snow scenes, be careful not to place anything flammable, such as Christmas bulbs and miniature lights, on or under faux snow. To avoid overheating bulbs or faux-snow fires, use miniature figurines, village houses and streetlights that have enclosed bulbs, or miniature light sets that are battery operated.

The best way to build a scene is to start with a couple of lighted village houses that are anywhere from 10 inches to 15 inches high. Because these houses are lit from within and the light bulb is contained, it can't get hot enough to burn anything. The design of these houses allows the light to spill out through openings, which lights up the entire area.

To create height, start by placing several books haphazardly on a shelf. Then drape faux snow carefully over the books. Once the faux snow has been draped over the books, it will transform the shelf into a snowy meadow filled with dips and valleys.

Take advantage of the lay of the land and place the lighted houses in areas that will display them best. If a house or church looks best on a hill created by several books stacked atop one another, place several books under the fake snow and then set the house in place carefully. Always make sure you use a large enough book for the size of house and other items you wish to display. Check your display periodically throughout the season; shelves will shake when people walk by or shut doors, which can cause the houses to fall.

Different Scenes You Can Make

  • Create a fun snowball fight. Blanket the area with faux snow and add two houses with front yard fences in place. Set the houses on either side of the display, but make sure they are facing one another with a street between. Add a few evergreen trees and a snowman or two. Purchase several figurines and place them behind the fences as if they have just begun a neighborly snowball fight. Use condensed cotton balls or small, white, hard candies as snowballs. Cotton balls can be condensed by adding glue and compressing the cotton ball into a smaller, tighter ball.
  • To create a beautiful lighted Nativity scene, make a simple meadow by placing quilt batting or faux snow on a flat surface. Make a few bumps or hills by placing books or other small objects beneath the layer of snow. Place a couple of bare-branched trees in the meadow and then add an illuminated star to the scene by affixing it to the wall behind the display. Place the Holy Family and a few head of cattle inside a small barn or shed. Set the star at an angle that ensures the light will shine into the building and bathe the Holy Family with a golden halo.
  • To create a religious Christmas snow scene on a bookshelf, use a small church and a few small accessories, such as a lighted lamppost and one or two bushes. Place a set of carolers or churchgoers outside of the church. Secure miniature lights to the underside of the shelf above to represent stars. Add a little bit of glitter to the church, the snow, and other accent pieces in the scene. Tin-foil stars in the background will catch and reflect the light beautifully.
  • To create a winter wonderland or a forest area, use the same methods. Use a small mirror as a pond. Either lay the mirror on top of the faux snow or lay it beneath the snow and then cut an oval out of the faux snow directly over the mirror. Use wildlife figurines, such as deer and rabbits. Miniature evergreens with white glue dripped onto the ends of the boughs and then covered in white glitter creates a beautiful winter wonderland feel. Miniature lights affixed to the wall behind the scene or the shelf above will create perfect stars.
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