Deck the Halls Using Your Decorating Styles

Don't let a holiday catastrophe happen to you, or to your undeserving home. Decorating for the holidays is as easy as identifying your own personal holiday decorating styles.

Style #1: The Modernist: If you wish to leave the old, and some may say boring, Christmas decorating schemes behind, your best bet this Christmas is going to be minimalist modern chic. Pick a color scheme and stick to it, repeating it in decorations throughout the house. Decorate the tree with black-and-white balls, interspersed with small framed black-and-white photos, hung with red or silver ribbon. Top the tree with a silver star and purchase a red or silver skirt for the tree to prevent pine needles. Fill tall cylinder-shaped vases with silver balls and tie red ribbons with a faux holly sprig around the middle of each vase. Alternate black-and-white stockings at the mantle, or purchase gray or silver stockings in a plush fabric, such as velvet. As for the holiday table, a crisp white table cloth with silver napkins tied with a faux holly spring aside the settings would set the stage for a modern fete. Feature white candles in tall, shimmery candle holders as a centerpiece.

Style #2: The Classic: Wish to rekindle memories of joyful holidays past? Start by framing old photos of family and friends at past holiday events in matching frames. Consider rustic frames, depending on the decor of the rest of your house. Forget the multicolored lights on the tree. Stick to a classic white, and instead show the quirky and joyful spirit of the holidays with strings of popcorn or cranberries on the branches. Decorate with ornaments of jolly old Saint Nick himself, interspersed with classic silver balls. Top the tree with an angel or a star depending on your own personal preference. A classic wreath at the front door with a bright red ribbon will bring the holiday cheer into your home. Serve the Christmas turkey at a table set with a red table cloth, decorated simply by a bowl of pinecones and the center. Knit stockings hanging by the fire awaiting Santa Claus will set the scene for your classic holiday.

Style #3: The Snow Angel: Create a floaty holiday wonderland by lining the walk or steps to your home with silver lanterns, enticing family and friends into your snowy oasis. Sprinkle side tables and mantles with faux glittery snow, and set decorative silver reindeer atop the flakes. Stick to a silver theme for the tree, opting for classic white lights and snowflake ornaments. Intersperse snowflake ornaments with ornaments of arctic or woodland animals if you wish. Line the bottom of the tree with an ice blue tree skirt. The holiday table would be perfectly dressed in a white table cloth and ice blue or silver napkins. Glittery silver topiaries or faux mini Christmas trees would be fitting centerpieces. White, silver, or light blue would be fitting stocking colors for the mantle.

Whatever your style, have yourself a Merry (and un-tacky) Little Christmas!

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