Homemade Christmas Decorations

This year, choose to give your home a unique and traditional look with homemade Christmas decorations. From the doorway to the mantle, homemade Christmas decorations envelop your home in the cozy feelings of the season.

Go With Garlands: String together cranberries and popcorn to make festive garlands. You can add other elements to increase the design and color of the homemade Christmas decorations, such as buttons, beads, silk flowers and even empty thread spools covered in glitter. Drape garlands across entryways, around columns and across arches.

Cinnamon Stick Bundles: Using cinnamon sticks and bright holiday ribbon, you can create scented rustic decorations to adorn everything from the mantle to the banister. Choose a glittery wire ribbon for an elegant effect, or use torn calico for a more rustic frontier look.

Christmas Card Collage: Use the front illustrations from last year's Christmas cards to create a collage that celebrates the season. Paste cutouts onto a blank artist's canvas, and set the masterpiece on the mantle, or replace one of your year-round pictures with the colorful collage for a one-of-a-kind Christmas decorating focal point.

Wreaths: Create a wreath for the front door out of a variety of materials. Try everything from dog treats, buttons, beads, candy canes, hard candies or marbles in the wreath to get the look you want. Simply purchase a Styrofoam or wire ring form, and hot glue on any kind of adornment you want. Place the wreath wherever you need a boost in Christmas decorating.

Illuminations: Make luminaries for your mantle, doorway or walkway. A luminary is a somewhat transparent container that holds a light source. Luminaries are made of paper bags filled with sand or metal cans with decorative holes punched through. Line your walkway with them, or put one in every window.

Window Snowflakes: Give your windows an added lift with fabric glue, wax paper and some glitter to make homemade window clings. Simply sketch a snowflake pattern onto the wax paper. Paint a thin line of fabric paint over the template, and let it dry. Peel from the wax paper 24 hours later, and stick them to the window glass.

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Christmas decorating themes allow you to let your creativity shine. Whatever your tastes, be they traditional, modern, minimal, or completely over-the-top, Christmas is the perfect time to impress your guests by decorating your home to maximum effect.

Transforming your home from an ordinary place to a Christmas paradise takes some work, but there are several easy Christmas decorating tips you can use to make decorating faster, leaving you time to relax, bake or squeeze in some more shopping.

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With some clever cheap Christmas decorations, you can have an elegant holiday without breaking the bank. Follow these cost-cutting tips to enjoy a beautiful home full of holiday cheer.

When trying to come up with easy holiday decorating ideas, remember to keep things simple by deciding to do only a few tasks. Commit to enjoying your holidays and your loved ones with peace and serenity this year. Here are a few easy ways.

Indoor Christmas decorating ideas can range from something as simple as fresh garland to a small holiday village that lights up. Whether you want a look that is elegant or whimsical, you can find something to suit your personality and home.

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