How to Have a Budget-Friendly Christmas

A budget-friendly Christmas can be every bit as joyous for you and your family as can a Christmas when you have plenty of the green stuff on hand.

Handmade Christmas decorations
Decorations are wonderful but they can cost a lot of money.Make your own Christmas decorations this year, as this will definitely save you some cash for other things. One suggestion is to go out to your backyard and pick up fir boughs that have fallen off of the trees. Attach the boughs to wire wreaths or tie them end-to-end with florist wire to create a pine garland. The boughs also look incredibly delightful in a more simple kind of way: lay them on a mantle, add them to a Christmas bouquet of flowers or use them as the centerpiece on your dining-room table or coffee table. Add small ornaments to them to make them even more fancy and sophisticated looking. Instant appeal for your festive home!

While you are out in the backyard collecting fir boughs, also take the time to collect as many acorns, nuts and pinecones as you can find. Bring them inside and dry them, if necessary. Spray them gold or silver to construct candleholders on a round cardboard base. These are sure to look every bit as elegant as the ones you buy in a store!

Christmas centerpiece idea
As far as centerpieces for Christmas are concerned, place small pine boughs down the center of the table and then place a bowl of fruit, such as apples, oranges, plums, kiwi fruits and grapes in the middle of the table. Place a few pinecones and small glass votives with tea candles amongst the boughs. After you light the candles, the centerpiece will look amazing and is likely to become quite the conversation piece amongst your holiday guests.

Artificial Christmas trees
Many apartment buildings do not allow their tenants to have real Christmas trees. Real Christmas trees are beautiful to behold and smell incredible, however they can be both a fire hazard and a hassle, with the constant watering, the sap getting on everything and the fear that it will tip over. Not to mention the fact that the needles begin dropping only a few days after Christmas and the arduous process of taking the tree down and getting it outside. If you don't already own one, consider investing in an artificial tree. They come in different sizes, look like the real thing and, most important, they last for years so in the long term you are saving money. The only hassle to an artificial tree is finding a place to store it.

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Put your creativity to work and you're sure to find lots of ways to stretch your holiday dollars. Read on for several money-saving tips to get you started.

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