Why Are Christmas Colors Red and Green

Red and green are two of the core colors of the Christmas season. The other traditional colors are gold, white, and silver. Red and green hold significance for Christians that relate to Jesus. In addition, red symbolizes love while green denotes life.

Red and green during the Christmas season

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Day on December 25, there are many places to see red and green. Many people across North American hang ornaments and bows on trees within homes and businesses. Many Christmas decorations are one or a combination of the two colors. Themes for many Christmas parties are red and green.

Symbolism of red for Christmas

The shade of red has a distinct meaning for Christians at Christmas time. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Jesus shed blood for the sake of all humans; the selfless act saved people, according to biblical thought.

Red also stands for love and energy. Red is a warm color in any shade, which makes the hue inviting. It is also the color of Santa’s suit, which he wears as he delivers presents to children around the world. The warm shade brings happy images of Santa to children’s minds.

Cranberries and holly, items that many people associate with the Christmas season, are both primarily red in color. Cranberries are an ingredient in a sauce many people use at their turkey dinners during the season and holly hangs as a festive decoration. As the colors already surround people, it is logical for red to be a main color for the season.

Why green is a Christmas color

The color green symbolizes life. It is a hopeful color as the end of the year nears in December and people plan resolutions for the coming New Year. People often think of their mortality during the season, as well.

Green is all around people during the festive season, so having the color as a staple for the season makes sense. Green is the primary color of evergreens, which are traditional Christmas trees. The popular December plants poinsettias have red flowers and green leaves. Holly leaves are also green.

In addition, green is symbolic of nature and a return to the earth. As Christmas often bears the message of spending time with loved ones, green appropriately symbolizes the return to basics for family values.

Christians also hold beliefs regarding the combination of red and green. According to the religion, red and green together symbolize the hope for eternal life that follows Christ’s sacrificial actions. Red and green together stand for life and blood.

The colors red and green are staples at Christmas. It would be difficult to change the hues for December given the many ornaments, bows, and other decorations that are already red and green. Even clothing worn during the season often bears the two colors. The Christmas colors red and green are likely here to stay.

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