Making Your Own Santa Costume

It doesn't take a bowl full of jelly or magical reindeer to create a homemade Santa costume. It only takes some material, time, love and lots of stuffing. It you already own large quantities of red fabric, making your own Santa costume can also be easy on your budget.

Size: A Santa suit always needs to be big, regardless of how big the person wearing it is. If the person is large, then a large suit that fits them is ideal. If the person is skinny, then a large suit that can be stuffed with a pillow for the belly is ideal.

Coat: The hardest part of any Santa costume is finding or making the right kind of coat. Ideally, the coat should be large and red with black buttons or no buttons down the front. The cuffs, hem and collar of the coat should all be trimmed with white fur.

There is a cheater's method for a Santa coat, assuming you don't already own a red coat. Go to a thrift store and find a long red coat or shirt. Cut and hem the garment with a simple break straight down the front. Use some cheap, fake, white fur trim around the cuffs and collar.

Pants: The easiest way to make the pants for a Santa costume is to grab some baggy, red sweatpants. Really, any baggy, red pair of pants will do, even if they aren't sweats.

Accessories: Cut two large triangles out of red fabric to make a Santa hat. Sew the pieces together, and line the hat rim with fake, white fur. Add a white pom-pom to the top of the hat.

To finish up a Santa costume, you need to find some black boots, preferably slip-on and leather. A broad black belt should also be easy to find or make. The belt is worn on the outside of the coat and can be used to help with closure. You'll need a pillow or some stuffing to make the jolly belly. You'll also need to dig out a red sack or red pillowcase to serve as your toy bag.

If you can't find a beard and mustache, use string, glue, spirit gum and cotton balls or craft stuffing to create Santa's facial hair. Your costume is done, and you're ready to deliver gifts!

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