Kid-Friendly Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

These kid-friendly Christmas tree decorating ideas will thrill kids and bring the family closer together during the holiday season.

Make Your Own Garland
And easy way to get kids involved is to make your own garland. Popcorn garlands are fun and easy, and kids can make them while watching some Christmas shows on the television. Simply pop popcorn, get some quilting thread and needles and start stringing. Don't work with strings that are too long because they will just get tangled. Tie shorter pieces of popcorn garland together instead. Try putting bright cranberries throughout the garland for extra color. You can also hang these outside for the birds to enjoy.

Make Your Own Ornaments
Take simple objects such as candy canes and pinecones, and turn them into beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Put glue on the pine cones, sprinkle some silver or gold glitter, add a bow and you have a fun holiday keepsake. Candy canes can be decorated with bows or even turned into reindeer by adding pipe cleaner antlers and wiggly eyes.

Hang Some Holiday Cookies
Another great kid-friendly Christmas decorating idea is to hang cookies on the Christmas tree. You can make a batch and save half for eating and half for the tree. Look for recipes for stained-glass cookies and gingerbread men. Just remember to poke a hole with a straw in the top of your cookie before you bake it so you can place a ribbon or ornament hook into it later.

All these ideas are appropriate for young kids, and the little elves will enjoy having some input in this year's holiday decorating. Encourage their creativity, and you'll love the results.

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