Christmas Tree Theme Ideas and Decorations

This year, you can create a Christmas tree theme at a low cost. Here are some Christmas tree theme ideas.

Some families have a simple Christmas tree theme: They choose to decorate their Christmas tree by putting up all the ornaments they have in a merry hodgepodge of memories. Others decorate based on a certain theme, such as "Father Christmas" or "Visions of Sugar Plums." 

Ribbons and Bows: Ribbons and bows are a simple and inexpensive way to tie a tree theme together. Whether you choose vintage bows for a Victorian-themed tree or simple red velvet bows from a retail store, bows can fill in spaces where there are no ornaments and act as a pretty, yet neutral accent to more elaborate ornaments.

Glass Ball Ornaments: Choose glass ball ornaments to add sparkle to a themed Christmas tree. Either subtle opaque glass or dramatic colored balls can accent the tree. Hang the glass ball ornaments equally spaced around the tree from top to bottom for a unified look.

Natural Elements: Almost any tree theme can be enhanced with ornaments made of natural elements. Try glittered pinecones, ribbon-wrapped cinnamon sticks, clusters of leaves or gold-painted walnut shells to add a rustic element to a variety of Christmas tree themes, such as "Teddy Bear Christmas," "Frontier Christmas" or "Santa's Workshop."

Glitter and Shine: Adding crystals, icicles or white glitter ornaments around the tree can give even the most eclectic collection a unity that transcends the ordinary. If you don't want to go out and purchase special sparkly ornaments, buy inexpensive neutral ornaments, and get to work customizing them with clear glue and glitter.

Fun and Funky: If you choose a fun and funky Christmas tree theme, you can use a variety of inexpensive handmade ornaments to enhance it. For a Southwest theme, make ornaments out of dried chili peppers as accents. For a beach theme, seashell ornaments fill in bare spaces nicely. If your tree is themed "NASCAR," you can adorn the tree with checkered flags and even use glitter glue to enhance empty car oil bottles.

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A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the center of holiday decorations, but do you know how to decorate a Christmas tree so you get the maximum impact and the most fun? Properly placed lights, garlands and ornaments can make your holiday even merrier and brighter.

These kid-friendly Christmas tree decorating ideas will thrill kids and bring the family closer together during the holiday season.

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Christmas tree lights can be a big energy waster as some people set them up and run them nonstop from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. However, you can still light up the tree and the yard and save energy at the same time.

When Christmas closes in, you may feel too rushed and tired to whip up a tree filled with handmade ornaments. However, even if you are tight on time, you can still personalize your store-bought Christmas tree ornaments to give your tree that cozy, homespun look.

Decorate your Christmas tree with homemade Christmas ornaments just like your great grandparents did. While a commercially decorated tree does look lovely, there's something special and personal about homemade Christmas ornaments hanging from the evergreen branches. Homemade Christmas ornaments also make lovely gifts for friends, teachers, neighbors and family members.

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