Homemade Christmas Ornament Candles

Christmas ornament candles are elegant, even exquisite. They make decorating your home for the holidays especially nice. You can purchase these popular ornament candles from local department and specialty shops, but you can also create your own unique versions by making them yourself. You can choose different colors and patterns, as well as pick your own scents to match your tastes for the holiday season. A homemade ornament candle also makes the perfect gift when you want to add a personal touch to the presents that you are giving this year.

Making a round candle


  • Seamless round metal candle mold (found in craft stores)
  • Double boiler or a pan from your house, along with a wax-melting pitcher
  • General-purpose paraffin wax
  • Flat braid-spooled wick
  • Scenting oil block, your choice of scent
  • Candle coloring block, your choice of color
  • Cardboard to protect your work surface


Cover your work area with cardboard.

Melt the wax using a double boiler or a pan and wax-melting pitcher. Be very careful when working with the hot wax, so you can make sure it is not going to catch on fire while melting.

As the wax is melting, carefully add shavings from the coloring block to the wax. Use a little bit of shavings for a lighter color. Use more shavings for a bolder and more vibrant color. Test your color by placing a drip or two of the wax onto paper and see what color appears after it is cooled. This will give you a good idea if you need to add more color to achieve what you desire.

Now is the time to add the scenting oil to the wax. Add a few shavings of scent from the block and stir into the wax.

Once the wax is fully melted and color and scent have been mixed in, carefully pour the wax into the mold. Place your wick down into the wax and position it straight. Let this cool for at least three to four hours. If you find any indentations in your candle, simply apply some additional wax over these spots and allow them to dry for an additional one to two hours.

You are now ready to un-mold your candle. Do this carefully. A seamless round metal mold is designed so that you will have a totally round ball and no signs of a seam. Trim away any excess wax from your ball to give it an even more rounded shape by using a craft knife, if necessary.

Creating a Christmas ornament candle
Decorating your round candle in a holiday style is easy. You simply need to buy ornament toppers for round ornaments, which you can find from at your local discount store or craft store. These are the parts of an ornament that hold the hooks. Press the ornament topper into your candle gently and brush away any wax that comes undone. Be careful when pushing these toppers into the candle, so you don't apply too much force, which may break away a chunk of the candle.

Next you will want to decorate your ornament candle by using specially formulated candle paint found in craft stores. You will also need things like glitter, stencils and glue to make the design. Just remember to take your time and think about your designs before you apply them to your candle. Try tracing out what you are thinking about on paper before actually doing anything to your candle. This will ensure that your homemade ornament candle will turn out beautiful and gift-worthy.

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