Homemade Christmas Ornaments – How to Make Easy Christmas Ornaments

During the holidays, many people love to decorate their home with Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree and of course ornaments. Instead of buying ornaments for your tree this year, why not make them yourself? Homemade Christmas ornament making can be a great family activity that will unite the ones you love during the holidays. Use this instructional guide on how to make easy Christmas ornaments and have a joyful holiday.

Wire Ribbon Angel

It?'s easy to make a beautiful angel for your Christmas tree. For this ornament project, you will need 2.5 inch wired ribbon, a small bell and a heart rhinestone. You can purchase most of these items from the Dollar Store or your local Wal-Mart.

Begin by cutting a piece of ribbon so that it?'s 6 inches long. Next, fan-fold the ribbon so that you end up with 7 pleats. Once the ribbon is folded into one section, staple the top and cut off the above edging.

Cut another piece of ribbon that is 6 inches long. Fold your ribbon in half and press to create a faint line. You will need to be able to see this center line later. This time, create 5 pleats with your ribbon.  Use a glue gun to glue on the second piece of ribbon (the wings) to the top of the first piece of ribbon (the dress).

The bell will be used for the angels head. This can be attached using the hot glue gun. On the top of the bell should be a hole where you are able to pull a piece of fishing line through to hang. Add a beautiful rhinestone to the middle section where the two pieces of fabrics attach for a holiday dress.

Hang your holiday angel on your tree for Christmas! Everyone in the family can create their own special angel in various colors and patterns. Feel free to add other embellishments to your angel such as colorful glitter. Have fun with your Christmas ornament making this holiday!


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