Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

Try saving some money and starting a tradition with homemade Christmas tree decorations. Many beautiful ornaments can be put together in an evening, your kids will enjoy a craft activity and you can even make enough to share with friends.

Christmas Angels
You can mass produce adorable Christmas angel ornaments in little time. You need a glue gun, spray paint and pasta: rigatoni for the body, bow noodles for the wings and elbow macaroni for the tiny arms. You will also need small wooden beads for the head. Simply glue a wooden bead on top of the rigatoni; add the elbow macaroni to the sides curved up like arms and the bow noodle to the back for the wings. Before gluing on the wings, cut a piece of ribbon for a loop to hang the ornament. Glue the ribbon in between the wings and the body. Spray paint and draw tiny eyes if desired.

Candy Canes
Inexpensive and child-friendly, candy canes are the perfect Christmas tree ornament. Just add a colorful ribbon and jingle bell to the top of the candy cane. You might be surprised at how lovely a Christmas tree can look with red and white lights, candy cane ornaments and peppermint garland.

Popcorn Garland
You can't go wrong with a classic popcorn garland, and kids will enjoy snacking as you work. All you need is a bowl of popcorn that has cooled down so kids can handle it, a needle and thread or floss. Either you or an older child should handle poking a needle through a small piece of popcorn, but smaller kids will have fun pushing the popcorn down a piece of thread. You can also add cranberries in between the popcorn. Once your garland reaches the length you want, cut the thread off from the spool, and start hanging it on the tree.

Get Inspired
Homemade Christmas tree decorations and ornaments can be made from anything, including orange juice lids and pine cones. Visit your local library, and check out some Christmas craft books for great ornament making ideas. A visit to your local craft store can provide you with ideas and even complete Christmas ornament making kits. With a little time and effort you can have some lovely Christmas ornaments that are not just for show but are for the many Christmases to come.

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These kid-friendly Christmas tree decorating ideas will thrill kids and bring the family closer together during the holiday season.

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When Christmas closes in, you may feel too rushed and tired to whip up a tree filled with handmade ornaments. However, even if you are tight on time, you can still personalize your store-bought Christmas tree ornaments to give your tree that cozy, homespun look.

Decorate your Christmas tree with homemade Christmas ornaments just like your great grandparents did. While a commercially decorated tree does look lovely, there's something special and personal about homemade Christmas ornaments hanging from the evergreen branches. Homemade Christmas ornaments also make lovely gifts for friends, teachers, neighbors and family members.

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