Making Personal Christmas Tree Ornaments With Your Kids

You have seen them in all the department stores: Christmas tree ornaments that have the year on them and are of subjects people commonly love. The idea is to buy the ornament of a ballerina for the ballerina in your life. The date and personal subject is supposed to make the ornament more special. However, these little pieces are usually expensive and really not that personal.

So, why not make your own personal Christmas tree ornaments with your kids every year?

Use your kid's favorite things as inspiration for the Christmas tree ornament. You know what your kids love. They know it, too. Brainstorm, and ask your kids for help, on what they love the most at that point in time. Does your son carry around a teddy bear all the time? Does your daughter love to make cookies with you? What are the things they are nearly obsessed with? Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter, and Wow Wow Wubzy are all things that kids love nowadays.

Pick one of their favorite things and use that idea to make their personal Christmas tree ornament.

Find an item that represents that favorite thing to make into a Christmas tree ornament. With your child's favorite thing in mind, you now need to find an item of that favorite thing. This is sometimes easier to find when it is a popular item. For the son with the teddy bear, find a small stuffed bear in a craft shop. For the daughter who loves to make cookies, you can find small spoons from a children's play set. Better yet, if your daughter's favorite cookies are chocolate chip, use the packaging from a bag of Nestle's chocolate chips.

Use your imagination to find the best item that will make the perfect Christmas tree ornament.

Turn that item into a Christmas tree ornament. All you need to do for this is to add string to hang the item from the tree. This is the easy way for items like a small stuffed teddy bear. You can do that by gluing a loop of string to the back of the item. If you can poke a hole in the item, then just tie the loop.

Some items take more effort. If you are using packaging from a bag of chocolate chips, or something that would look silly hung from a tree, then you need to work with it to make a Christmas tree ornament. You could cut out a specific part of the item and hang that. If it is something light, or made of cloth, you can glue it to a piece of cardboard or laminate it.

Let your kids help make the Christmas tree ornament even more special. Let your kids get creative and add more Christmas-y flair to the decoration. Let them add glitter, or glue some holly or bows on it. On top of that, and so you will always remember, have your kids draw, paint, or write their names and the date somewhere on the Christmas tree decoration. Having it done in their own hand adds to the personalization.

Repeat this Christmas tree ornament tradition every year with your kids. As your kids grow, their personalities are going to change. Their likes and dislikes will change as they age and learn about new things. When your little kid once loved Elmo, they will grow to love High School Musical. It is inevitable. By making a personal Christmas tree ornament every year, you are able to follow their lives and have those ornaments to remember.

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