How To Make Christmas Tree Water And Keep It Fresh

Christmas tree water is an essential part of keeping a fresh Christmas tree in your home. If you want a beautiful Christmas tree but you've failed in years past, you probably didn't give your tree enough water or had a problem with your method of watering. Luckily, you can take a few simple steps to ensure that your tree stays green all month long.

The Importance Of Watering
Keeping a tree watered can prevent needles from dropping on your living room floor. Although everyone knows that Christmas trees need to be watered, most people make the mistake of putting in too little or not watering the tree enough. The base of your tree should always be covered with water. You may need to check it twice a day to make sure that the tree has enough water because a Christmas tree can be surprisingly thirsty.

Christmas Tree Water Additives
Some people swear by using additives in the tree water in order to keep the tree fresh. Although there isn't a clear consensus on whether these methods work or not, you can definitely give them a try yourself. Many homemade preservative recipes will allow you to keep your tree fresh and green for just a few dollars. For example, mix 1 gallon of hot water with 2 teaspoons of chlorine bleach, ½ cup Karo syrup and 4 iron tablets. This mixture is supposed to act as a fertilizer and prevent bacteria from growing in the watering stand. Refill the watering stand with this mixture throughout the Christmas season.

Automatic Watering Systems
If having to water your tree a few times a day seems too high-maintenance, consider getting an automatic watering system. Many commercially made watering systems will automatically fill up your watering stand to keep your tree fresh. Make sure to read reviews of the major brands before investing in a system, though. Systems can cost anywhere from $15 up to $45.

If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, you can also make your own Christmas tree watering system using a five-gallon bucket and a siphoning tube. This is also a good physics lesson for the kids. The water will automatically move from the bucket into the watering stand. You can hide the bucket under a wrapped box to make it look like a present-just be sure to warn the kids not to shake that particular gift!

Consistent watering is key to keeping your Christmas tree looking great. With any one of these ideas, you can have a fresh and green Christmas tree.

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Choosing a fresh, live Christmas tree to enhance the holiday is a family tradition for many. Testing a tree for freshness on the lot and caring for it properly when you get it home will lengthen the life of the tree.

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Until the last century, families throughout Europe and North America would head to the forest and cut down live Christmas trees a few days before the holiday. As the Christmas season has grown longer in recent times, keeping a live Christmas tree green for a month is quite a challenge.

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Live Christmas trees are gaining in popularity. Live Christmas trees add a bit of tradition to the holiday season and they make the house smell wonderful. There are a few tips to be aware of before going to buy a Christmas tree.

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