Different Types of Christmas Trees

Perhaps the greatest symbol of Christmas is the decorated evergreen tree placed in a prominent area in the home. Most people have fond memories of gathering around the Christmas tree and decorating it, and there's no greater sight for children on Christmas morning than to run to the tree and see the presents underneath it. Because of the importance of this Christmas symbol, it's important to get the right kind of tree.

You can always go with an artificial Christmas tree, but a fresh Christmas tree can be so much nicer if you know a little more about the types of Christmas trees and which one works for you. You can choose from several live trees, including variations of fir and pine trees.

Fir Trees

  • The Balsam Fir has a nice dark green color with needles that are rounded at the top and is one of the more fragrant trees.
  • Douglas Fir is a common tree due to its strong scent and delightful conical shape.
  • Many prefer the Fraser Fir because of its needles don't fall off as easily. They also provide a good piney scent. The branches on this tree point upwards, giving it a distinct appearance.
  • The Noble Fir is a silvery evergreen with stiff branches that can support the weight of heavier Christmas ornaments. Many people also use these branches for wreaths and garlands, as they are short and solid.

Pine Trees

  • The Afghan Pine is popular in some parts of the country, particularly Texas. Its mild fragrance makes it ideal as a Christmas tree.
  • The Austrian Pine has a good reputation for needle retention.
  • The Scotch Pine is probably the most common type of Christmas tree, with firm boughs, a crisp mild scent and superior retention of needles.
  • The White Pine is popular for keeping its needles. It has a bushy appearance and almost no fragrance. Because its branches are longer and more slender than the Scotch Pine, this tree can't always handle heavy ornaments.
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Choosing a fresh, live Christmas tree to enhance the holiday is a family tradition for many. Testing a tree for freshness on the lot and caring for it properly when you get it home will lengthen the life of the tree.

Until the last century, families throughout Europe and North America would head to the forest and cut down live Christmas trees a few days before the holiday. As the Christmas season has grown longer in recent times, keeping a live Christmas tree green for a month is quite a challenge.

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There are a few tips that can make choosing the perfect Christmas tree a little easier. When buying a Christmas tree at the tree lot or Christmas tree farm, look for trees that are fresh. Live Christmas trees should have needles that are shiny and green.

Live Christmas trees are gaining in popularity. Live Christmas trees add a bit of tradition to the holiday season and they make the house smell wonderful. There are a few tips to be aware of before going to buy a Christmas tree.

Starting a Christmas tree farm enterprise is a long-term commitment because the trees can easily take six to ten years to reach maturity. Growing Christmas trees takes a lot of work: you can't just plant them and then ignore them until harvest time. 

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