A Few Things to Remember for a Safe and Happy Holiday

Christmas is always a great time of the year to get together with family, shop, exchange gifts, go to parties, eat, drink and have fun. But here are a few things to keep in mind and put into practice in order to create a safer and happier holiday.

Don?''t Overspend or Overindulge
Since the holidays happen only once a year, we all tend to overdue things. As an example, many of us incur a lot of credit card debt in the months to come. As a result, The credit card bill at the end of the month can be quite a shocker.

When you?'re thinking about buying your significant other a lovely fox fur coat at Nordstrom?'s to gain her adoration, stop and ask yourself, ?"Does she really need that fur coat??" If the answer is ?"Yes,?" don?'t be too overwhelmed when you see the bill at the end of month.

Overindulging means overeating and over drinking. Everyone has a tendency to overeat during the holidays, but it seems that we all get dismayed after stepping on the scale. The old saying, ?"all things in moderation,?" applies. Try not to overeat during the holidays, and then regret it later on.

Always remember not to drink and drive. A bumper sticker on a Taxicab said something like, ?"Would you rather spend $20 on a taxi ride or $1500 on a DUI ticket??" Many decide to pay the price of the $1500 ticket, and end up paying a lot more in lawyer fees, court fees, rehab, and more. Don?'t make the same mistake! Enough said, let?''s move on.?

Take Good Care of Yourself
First off, take lots of vitamin C. Drink orange juice or take tablets. The more, the merrier. You can't overdose on vitamin C. It'?'s a wonderful preventative medicine, but keep in mind, it'?'s not a cure for the common cold. Also, the cost of vitamin C is a lot less than a visit to the doctor. It's funny. If you visit the doctor, he'll listen to your breathing with a stethoscope, and then diagnose you. Two weeks later, you'll get a bill for $80. You'll probably feel like asking your doctor why you paid $80 to find out something something already knew!

Wash Your Hands Often
The best prevention for swine flu is to wash your hands. Germs and viruses are transmitted through your hands. They aren'?'t air borne. However, don?''t take the risk of drinking out of someone else'?'s cup. Everyone is hyper-sensitive about swine flu these days, but the best preventative measure is to keep your hands clean with lots of soap and hot water.

Keep Your House Clean
Much like spring cleaning, winter cleaning is equally important. Many people are a little ?"down?" during the winter months, so a thorough house cleaning will make you feel good mentally and physically.

Bundle Up!
Yes, your mom was absolutely right when she told you to bundle up during the winter months. It may seem obvious, but it?'s important to stay warm during the winter months. When you'?'re out and about, wear a warm jacket, gloves, a hat, and whatever you need to keep warm. As humans, we lose a lot of the heat through our extremities (i.e., heads and hands).

Always Show Courtesy and Kindness to Others
Hopefully everyone is a firm believer in good Karma (or what goes around comes around). Try to do a good deed every day throughout the holidays. Open a door for a stranger. Tell someone they look nice and notice the smile on their face. Let someone know you care about him/her (especially your friends and family). Drop some coins in the bell ringer?'s tin for the Salvation Army. Tell someone you love him or her. There are a million different acts of kindness you can ?"try out.?" Don'?'t be shy! Kindness is contagious.

If all else fails, you can always dust off a copy of It?'s a Wonderful Life and plug it into the DVD player. That movie brings out everyone's emotions!

Here?''s wishing you a safe and happy holiday!

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