Christmas Gag Gifts

When a normal present just won't do for Christmas, go for the Christmas gag gifts. Whether you are looking for something to give at the office party or want to continue on a family tradition of giving silly presents, Christmas gag gifts can actually show that you put in a lot of thought and time into it.

The gag gifts offered by retailers generally involve some kind of tacky Christmas display. From mechanical hula dancing Santas to CDs of dogs barking out Christmas carols, these gifts are funny because they are obnoxious. Other examples of gifts that make good pranks are cans of "reindeer" meat, holiday sweaters with blinking lights and extremely ugly or tacky Christmas craft items. These gag gifts often make the rounds year after year.

For a personal gag gift, you must be familiar with something the recipient either really loves or really hates. For example, if you know the person really hates the work of a certain actor or actress, give them a DVD of the worst movie they've ever made. If someone really hates golf, find a T-shirt or desk accessory that says that the recipient actually loves the sport. The possibilities are endless if you can identify a pet peeve or two.

Another type of gag gifts includes clever notes, labels or cards that accompany everyday items. Wrap up a package of batteries and include a label that reads, "Toy not included." Package some cookie dough in a pretty container and include a note that says, "Since it's the holidays, I thought you might be a little short on dough." Put together a "car repair kit" that includes duct tape, twine, rubber bands and the phone number or brochure of an auto repair shop. Fill a decorative jar with dry beans and label it "Make Your Own Bubble Bath."

There are plenty of Christmas gag gifts that are crude, rude and often downright offensive. Be sure that you know exactly how the recipient of such a gag gift will react before you give this kind of gift. There are plush farting Santas, a bunch of mistletoe that plays recorded messages and sounds and T-shirts with sayings that bring out the inner humbug in the wearer. For a real laugh, give a holiday candy dispenser that "poops" out chocolate covered candies.

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Homemade Christmas present ideas are great ways to show appreciation since a lot of love can go into composing them. A good homemade Christmas present is one that the recipient will find both useful and meaningful.

This year's holiday cards will stand out if you make handmade Christmas cards with your family. If you have young children, the cards may not have the sophisticated look of store-bought cards, but they will be loved by adoring relatives. Here are some easy projects for kids of all ages.

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When your Christmas budget just isn't big enough to provide for everyone on the list, it's time to search out some cheap Christmas gift ideas. Just because a gift is cheap doesn't mean it is of lesser quality.

With a little planning, you can have a frugal Christmas and still enjoy the joy of the season.

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