Clever Christmas Gifts For Your Wife

Trouble choosing Christmas gifts for your wife? It's a sight familiar to retailers everywhere: A perplexed husband wandering the mall searching for Christmas gifts for his wife. Why is it such a tricky task? Most husbands feel there is a lot at stake when buying gifts for their beloved wives; we've all heard tales of husbands who've ended up in the dog house for giving their wives a vacuum when they really wanted earrings! Here are some ideas for gifts that will fit into every budget.

Spa Certificate
Every woman loves a little pampering now and then. Treat your special lady to a Spa Day. A gift certificate to a spa for a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure will make her feel like a princess. You can score extra points if you offer to take her out to dinner after her spa day.

Spa at Home
If a day at the spa is more than your budget allows, you can still treat your wife to a little pampering. Buy her a luxurious thick robe, some luxury bubble bath, lotion, a manicure set and scented candles. Then, offer to take the kids out for the day, so she can enjoy a peaceful soak and some self pampering.

Gift Basket
Does your wife love chocolate? Or perhaps she adores her coffee? If there is something that you know your wife really loves, a gift basket might be just the thing. For example, if your wife loves tea, a pretty tea pot, tea cup, a tea strainer and a selection of gourmet teas will certainly be appreciated.

Surprise Getaway
Whether it's a weekend at a cute bed and breakfast or a few days on a tropical island, your wife will love the gift of a few days away with you. Present this extra special gift by wrapping plane tickets or a brochure for where you will be going. This will definitely be her favorite gift under the tree.

Silk Pajamas
There are few things more indulgent than silk pajamas. They are the kind of thing that most women would love to own, but would never buy for themselves. Giving her the gift of something so luxurious shows her that you think she's worth pampering. If she's not the silk pajama type, consider other luxuries such as a cashmere scarf or fancy soaps.

There are many artists out there who can paint or sketch gorgeous portraits from photos. What could be a more personal gift than a beautiful custom portrait of your children, or of the two of you? A simple Internet search should help you find a great artist in your area. Just allow plenty of time for this gift; most artists will require six to eight weeks to complete this project.

Just keep in mind that it really is the thought that counts. Your wife will appreciate any gift that shows her that you've thought about her and what she enjoys.

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When your Christmas budget just isn't big enough to provide for everyone on the list, it's time to search out some cheap Christmas gift ideas. Just because a gift is cheap doesn't mean it is of lesser quality.

With a little planning, you can have a frugal Christmas and still enjoy the joy of the season.

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