Silly Christmas Gifts

Silly Christmas gifts are perfect for office parties, as stocking stuffers and even as the biggest gift beneath the tree. But just because we all enjoy a silly gift every now and again, don't assume you can get away with only buying silly gifts.

Novelty Christmas gifts are fun to open because they're the kind of gifts that aren't expected. A little silliness is part of every family's Christmas experience. When you're looking for silly Christmas gifts, think of things that can bring a smile to your face, even make you laugh out loud. 

Choosing Silly Christmas Gifts
A silly Christmas gift might be Silly Putty for your son who is now an adult, but who loved Silly Putty as a child. Another novelty Christmas gift would be red and green ice cubes that light up or blink, especially for the person who throws cocktail parties. Christmas ties fall into this category, as well. Some people love them, but they're seldom if ever worn. 

Edible Christmas gifts can be silly. Tiny white marshmallows in a jar with a note that reads "Snowman Poop" are sure to bring howls of laughter from the children sitting around your Christmas tree.

The golden rule when you're looking for funny gifts is to make sure that everyone will enjoy the joke. Remember that everyone should be laughing with the recipient, not at her.

Funny Christmas Gifts for Children

  • A reindeer nose or Santa hat
  • Christmas socks
  • Santa Claus pajamas
  • Encapsulated holiday washcloths that grow when you put them into water
  • Toy reindeer that poop out candy
  • Character piggy banks that recite sayings from a cartoon each time a coin is dropped into the slot
  • A lump of coal

Novelty Christmas Gifts for Adults

  • Christmas ties, socks, briefs or sweaters and vests
  • Mittens and socks with finger or toe puppets
  • Santa Claus toilet seat covers that talk
  • Shower curtains depicting Santa in the shower
  • A bird clock that sings on the hour
  • A talking fish plaque
  • T-shirts with funny sayings that relate to the recipient's life
  • A doorstop made to resemble Dorothy's red slippers
  • A Gone with the Wind clock that shouts, "Quitting time!" every day just minutes after 8 o'clock in the morning
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