Use Your Beach Treasures to Make Unique Homemade Gifts

Here are a few ideas for unique homemade gifts from sea shells:

Make a wind chime
I simply tied several pieces of bamboo together in an "x" shape to form the hanger. Then I strung shells one at a time onto a 2-foot strand of fishing line. I made a knot above and below each shell as I strung them. Look for shells that already have a hole in them for easy stringing. Drilling holes is risky, as shells can shatter. I then tied one end of the fishing line to one of the pieces of bamboo on one end. I repeated these steps three more times and had an attractive wind chime that was the perfect handmade gift for my gardening friends.

Create a decorative box covered in your beach treasures
You will need to look around for a container to cover. For a tiny box, a mint tin is perfect. If you want a larger box, look for shoeboxes or hat boxes. I helped the kids make a treasure box to give to their grandmother.

To make the treasure box with your kids, you will need:

  • A shoebox or other lidded container
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Treasures - small pinecones, pebbles, sticks, dried flowers, pressed leaves, seeds, driftwood, sea glass or seashells.

To make it

1. Place the lid on the shoebox.

2. Trace around the bottom edge of the lid with your marker.

3. Remove the shoebox lid.

4. Arrange your treasures on the box, but don't place any of them above the line you drew around the box. If you do, the lid won't fit on the box.

5. Once you like the way your treasures look, glue them down.

6. Store some of your other treasures in your new box or give it to someone special.

Design decorations for the home
You can hot glue small shells to a wreath base, a mirror, or a picture frame. Driftwood pieces that are about the same length and thickness can be nailed together to make a picture frame, as well. These small gifts are perfect for almost any occasion.

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