Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas office parties are festivities and business all in one mix. To take the stress off, it may be fun to play some Christmas office party games.

On Christmas, giving is traditional. Why not have a gift exchange? Have everyone who is attending bring a gift with a set spending limit, wrapped and with a holiday message attached.

Then play a game. This could be "office trivia," in which you find out how well people know their coworkers' hobbies, spouse's or children's names, which have pets, which have had a noteworthy experience and so on. Gather this information via email before the party, and assemble it into a trivia game. People who answer a question correctly get to choose a gift. Once everyone has a gift, continue the game. People who answer correctly have the option of trading gifts with another person. Once all of the questions have been answered, what you hold is yours! Open and enjoy.

The Group Game
One person is the caller. The caller calls out a number that's at least half of the number of people at the party. The players have to assemble in a group linking arms. Once the correct number of people is in that group, the group is "closed" and the rest are "out." If more than one group has been forming, the group that forms the correct number of people first wins the round and the rest of the players are out. Then the caller calls out a smaller number and the players still in have to form a group with that number of players. The game continues until the number 3 is called. Then all three players win a prize.

I Never
This is a fun game for a group that helps them get to know each other better. Put chairs in a circle, and have one less than the number of players. One person stands in the middle. That person says something interesting he has done, but starts the sentence with "I never…" For example, "I never tasted escargot." At that point, anyone who has done the thing he said (in this case tasted escargot) has to switch chairs. The person in the middle has to find a chair and be seated. The person left in the middle does the next "I never" statement. This game is fun for players to find out things about each other they never knew before.

Christmas Office Game
Everyone gets a piece of paper with the word "Christmas" written on it vertically. Each person has to write a word beginning with every letter in Christmas that relates to their office or type of business they do. The best entries win prizes. There can be prizes for fastest done, most creative, funniest, etc.

Santa Hat Game
Give everyone a Santa hat for a party favor, and tell them to wear them for the party. The last person wearing the hat is the loser and gets a gag gift. During the party, everyone takes off their hat at some point. Usually, players will forget about the game. The last person still wearing his or her hat gets the "booby prize."

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If you are busy, you might be tempted to find a way out of hosting a Christmas party during the holidays. But offering to host at the holidays can provide a sense of satisfaction and can make you see your home in an entirely new light.

The holiday office party may sound like a social occasion, but in actuality they are still business functions. You are being observed by your co-workers, supervisors, their guests and spouses, and probably even a few board members or clients. This is no time to let loose and act like you're out with buddies.

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You can make your own party stand out with homemade Christmas party invitations. A bright and cheery handmade invitation is also the perfect way to set the tone for a themed Christmas party, and you don't even need to be an artist to make beautiful invites. 

Christmas office party ideas that put employees in a festive mood will help keep morale high. Treat your staff and co-workers well during the fun times, and they will be there for you during the not-so-fun times.

When you're planning a Christmas party, everything from the location of the party to the menu to the entertainment must create the right holiday mood. For that reason, leave nothing to chance.

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