Unique Christmas Office Party Ideas

Christmas office party ideas that put employees in a festive mood will go a long way in keeping morale high all year long. Treat your staff and co-workers well during the fun times, and they will be there for you during the not-so-fun times.

When you're in charge of throwing the office party, forget the boring corporate Christmas parties of old. A company Christmas party shouldn't be tedious or feel like work. A Christmas party should provide a time for employees to relax.

Serving Alcohol At The Office Party
Although office parties provide an opportunity to let your hair down, sample some great food and enjoy a few drinks, it's also a time when overindulgences often take place and embarrassments and awkward moments multiply as the revelry continues on into the night. To make sure your party doesn't end up being a night to forget, make sure no one-including you-drinks to excess and embarrasses themselves, their spouses, company distributors or customers, or their boss and co-workers.

You know your staff better than anyone. Can your office personnel be trusted to go a-wassailing, or would it be wise to plan a nonalcoholic party? If alcohol consumption is an issue, make sure the company purchases all the drinks and the food and holds the party in a public place where alcohol is prohibited. Employees might have even more fun without the booze.

Christmas At The Zoo
If you live in a warm climate, hold the office party at the zoo. Invite families and spouses, and provide all employees a food voucher that is good for a set amount. Better yet, allow all employees to proceed through the zoo according to their own preferences, with instructions to return to the picnic area at a certain time. When the employees and their families return, they will find the area decorated with a Christmas tree and garland, plus one picnic basket sitting on the table for each employee.

To put a smile on the faces of your employees and their family members, make sure the picnic baskets include plenty of Christmas food, such as fudge, decorated cookies and popcorn balls. Avoid awkward moments by placing bonus checks inside each picnic basket rather than handing them out personally.

Christmas In The Park
While not every city has a central park, just about every town has a skating rink or a nearby lake that can be cleared for skating. Rent the local outdoor skating rink for your next office Christmas party, and invite all employees and customers to join you for some fun on the ice, compliments of the company.

If there is not a food venue on the premises but you have permission from the park, hire a few vendors, and have them set up hotdog and hot roasted nut stands around the rink's perimeter. Hire a Santa Claus to skate along with the group all night and, if possible, hire a choir or pipe Christmas music into the park. To keep bonus checks from becoming lost in the great outdoors, make an announcement that bonuses will be handed out on Monday morning at work.

Surprise Christmas Office Party
If you plan on holding the Christmas party at the office, do so during work hours on a Friday, but make it a surprise. To make sure no one is absent, call a mandatory meeting at noon and announce it days in advance. When the meeting is finally called to order, not only will the employees feel as though they've been treated to a great surprise, they will also have gotten a few hours off work, which will be a great ending to another long office week.

If possible, hold the party in a comfortable room, such as a lounge area that is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably and doesn't remind everyone that they still have a stack of papers on their desks. For decorations, start with something as simple as a Christmas wreath on the door of the party room. That shouldn't be a give-away.

The night before, add a Christmas tree with lights in the room, plus long-stemmed glasses for the drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) and place a present for each employee beneath the Christmas tree. Lock the door before you leave, and open it up when it is party time. If you hold the party during lunch hours, the company can have lunch catered. If the staff is let off early, let them know that bonuses will be given out on Monday.

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If you are busy, you might be tempted to find a way out of hosting a Christmas party during the holidays. But offering to host at the holidays can provide a sense of satisfaction and can make you see your home in an entirely new light.

The holiday office party may sound like a social occasion, but in actuality they are still business functions. You are being observed by your co-workers, supervisors, their guests and spouses, and probably even a few board members or clients. This is no time to let loose and act like you're out with buddies.

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You can make your own party stand out with homemade Christmas party invitations. A bright and cheery handmade invitation is also the perfect way to set the tone for a themed Christmas party, and you don't even need to be an artist to make beautiful invites. 

When you're planning a Christmas party, everything from the location of the party to the menu to the entertainment must create the right holiday mood. For that reason, leave nothing to chance.

Homemade Christmas party favors allow you to showcase your talents whenever you host a Christmas party. To add a personal touch to your gathering, you'll need to begin planning your projects long before the party takes place.

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