DIY Christmas Party Favors

Homemade Christmas party favors allow you to showcase your talents whenever you host a Christmas party. To add a personal touch to your gathering, you'll need to begin planning your projects long before the party takes place.

Christmas Party Pictures
If you want to make Christmas party photo favors, you'll need to use photos taken at previous Christmas parties. Or, if you're not opposed to a little stress, you can always take photos throughout the season-at the ice rink, at the Christmas play, during Christmas shopping sprees and also while baking. Then rush to have them developed or print them out before the party.

When taking pictures to be used later in some type of Christmas party favor, try to get photos that are candid rather than posed. Candid photos show action, often catching people in amusing situations with silly expressions on their faces. These photos will be great ice breakers at any party, and they often carry the conversation throughout the evening.

Once you have the photos, you can make a variety of Christmas party favors. For instance, make wine glass tags by placing the photo of each person on the bottom of the glass, facing up. Before you tape the photos in place, laminate them to prevent the photos from smearing. This is also fun to do with clear plastic plates. Tape the photo in place on the bottom of the plate and tell guests to look for their own face on their plate to know which table they have been assigned to. Kids especially love this trick. For this reason, purchase plastic clear plates from the dollar store. That way, when children want to take their plate home with them, you won't mind losing the plates.

Recipe Cards
If you are holding a Christmas dinner party, reveal the secrets behind your cooking as a party favor. Write or print out the recipe for your main course on pieces of card stock, and write the recipe on as many cards as you have guests. Stand a wooden clothespin on the table beside each plate, and clip one recipe card to each clothespin.

Christmas Craft Stations
A truly crafty hostess can let her guests' imaginations run wild by setting up different craft stations through the party. Prepare different tables in different locations, type up instructions for each craft and provide the materials for each craft. For example, you can bake simple snowman or Santa Claus sugar cookies ahead of time. Kids or adults can decorate the cookies and write their name on the cookie with frosting.

Knitting And Crocheting Favors
If you plan on using yarn to create Christmas party favors, such as caps and mittens, it's important to start your project at least two months in advance to reduce your party-planning stress. On the day of the party, place either a set of mittens or a cap on each plate. Write the guests' names on construction paper in a coordinating color, and then place one name on each cap or set of mittens and place it on each plate, mittens for the ladies and caps for the gentlemen.

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If you are busy, you might be tempted to find a way out of hosting a Christmas party during the holidays. But offering to host at the holidays can provide a sense of satisfaction and can make you see your home in an entirely new light.

The holiday office party may sound like a social occasion, but in actuality they are still business functions. You are being observed by your co-workers, supervisors, their guests and spouses, and probably even a few board members or clients. This is no time to let loose and act like you're out with buddies.

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You can make your own party stand out with homemade Christmas party invitations. A bright and cheery handmade invitation is also the perfect way to set the tone for a themed Christmas party, and you don't even need to be an artist to make beautiful invites. 

Christmas office party ideas that put employees in a festive mood will help keep morale high. Treat your staff and co-workers well during the fun times, and they will be there for you during the not-so-fun times.

When you're planning a Christmas party, everything from the location of the party to the menu to the entertainment must create the right holiday mood. For that reason, leave nothing to chance.

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