Family Celebrations for Less

Use the following tips to make sure family celebrations don't cost a fortune.

Family celebrations are a special time. Whether the family gathers to celebrate a christening, a fiftieth wedding anniversary, or a family reunion, a family celebration can be special without costing a fortune. The following tips can help.

Choosing the dates. Perhaps it is an event that can be combined with a time that the family will be together anyway. For example, if you can have a baby baptism or dedication during the holidays, you can save the grandparents an extra trip. Another saving tip to remember is to plan family celebrations during non-peak travel times. For example, instead of planning a family reunion at the beach during the summer when rates will be higher, choose September or October when rates fall significantly.

Selecting the location. Find a place for family celebrations that is fun, yet economical. If planning for a reunion, don't pick an expensive resort, but find a facility that is more affordable. Or, use a family member's home if there is room.

Finding the lodging. If your family celebrations include traveling across the country and having to stay in a hotel, see about getting group discounts. Many hotel chains can accommodate this request and allow your family members to stay at a reduced rate for the family celebrations.

Planning the food. You have several options to save money on food for family celebrations, all depending on the type of celebration. If it is a family celebration that requires everyone to stay at a facility, you can probably have food included in the overall cost. If the family celebration is a brunch for a christening or graduation, you can either prepare the food yourself or find prepared food at the grocery store. Perhaps family members can even help with the food.

Family celebrations should focus on celebrating - not spending money. Find ways to save on family celebrations so that there is no added stress due to the cost and people feel free to enjoy themselves and their family.

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