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Here are a few favorite cat gifts for the little critter in your life.
Snowman Christmas crafts are a fun way to keep little hands busy while they wait for December 25th. Try these ideas for edible snowmen and snowmen you can hang on your Christmas tree.
By Helen Polaski
How to save money on Christmas shopping without breaking the bank. You may not know it, but your own hobbies can create very heart felt and low-cost Christmas gifts.
By h6domagalski
Here are five sources for thrifty stocking stuffers that are sure to help you keep your budget on track.
By Erin Huffstetler
Christmas is upon us and it is the time to be shopping! Learn valuable tips on how to save both time and money this year while shopping.
By elvenrunelord
The histories of some classic Christmas carols are more intriguing than you may realize. Although we sing many modern songs at Christmas, some date back to the 12th century.
By Helen Polaski
It's easy to learn how to make papier mache crafts with the kids. Imagine your Christmas tree decorated with the best ornaments you can find. Christmas ornaments are fun to hang on the Christmas tree. Make your own ornaments out of papier machè. They look really authentic and the designs are only limited by your imagination.
By Denise Oliveri
Using the right Christmas tree storage methods can keep your fake Christmas tree in good shape for many years to come. Considering how much money good artificial Christmas trees cost, it's smart to store your tree properly.
By Courtney Ramirez
Looking for some great new kids stocking stuffers? You are searching for that special little something that will thrill and delight your little tikes on Christmas morning.
Try these suggestions for Christmas party activities that will keep everyone talking, laughing and mingling.
By Jenney Cheever
Playing Santa Claus games, either online or around the kitchen table, is a great way to calm the kids while they wait for Santa's arrival.
By Alice Langholt
Use the following tips to make sure family celebrations don't cost a fortune.
Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holidays
By Kim Beckstead
Christmas crafts are fun to make. They get young kids into the spirit of the holiday. These cute little Christmas pipe cleaner people are perfect for quick decorating and kids can even give them as gifts.
By Denise Oliveri
Here are the top holiday stress reducers, from getting help with the meal to taking time out for exercise.
By Karon Brandt
Edible Christmas gifts are appropriate for everyone, and they're a perfect way to stretch your holiday budget.
By Jenney Cheever
Holidays don't have to cost a fortune with the following tips.
The key to keeping Christmas tree lights tangle-free while storing them is to take advantage of common household items. Wrapping the lights around something or tying them together will keep you from having to untangle a ball of wire and bulbs each year.
By Jennifer Maughan
Edible Christmas gifts are just the thing for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list. Everyone loves food gifts, and they're easy on the budget if you make them yourself.
By Jenney Cheever
If you're missing out on snow during the holidays, don't worry. With a few white Christmas decorating ideas, you can make up for a lack of snow. Not only is a white Christmas decorating theme elegant, but it is also easy to create.
By Belinda J Mooney
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