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Tips on how to save money while Christmas shopping online.
By Brandy Burgess
Wooden Christmas crafts can be created with everyday wood items, such as clothespins and ice cream sticks, and some quick touches with markers or paint, or you can add several craft supplies to the mix.
By Helen Polaski
When Christmas closes in, you may feel too rushed and tired to whip up a tree filled with handmade ornaments. However, even if you are tight on time, you can still personalize your store-bought Christmas tree ornaments to give your tree that cozy, homespun look.
By Katelyn Thomas
Share the holiday spirit with visitors and anyone driving past, with Christmas door decorations like garlands and wreaths this Christmas.
By Helen Polaski
Beaded Christmas ornaments can add sparkling effects to your tree or be a welcome gift for friends and family. Get tips for making beaded ornaments, including instructions for a beaded star.
By Jenney Cheever
Every year Christmas brings a sense of peace and love for all mankind. It is usually short lived, but that moment in time brings hope to children and adults alike. We must remember He who inspired the first Santa.
By elayne001
If you want to give a child a truly unique gift, learn how to make a teddy bear gift basket. Simply add a couple of teddy bears, books, cocoa mugs, homemade cocoa, and a couple of candy canes to stir it with!
By Helen Polaski
Choosing a fresh, live Christmas tree to enhance the holiday is a family tradition for many. Testing a tree for freshness on the lot and caring for it properly when you get it home will lengthen the life of the tree.
By Jennifer Maughan
Get inspired by the Mod movement of the 1960s, and surprise friends with a holiday party that emphasizes clean lines and the color white.
By Nicole Henderson Auger
There's no right or wrong way to learn how to put lights on a Christmas tree, but there are things you can do to make your tree look like it was lit by a professional designer. 
By Jenney Cheever
An outline of how the holiday has become more about gifts than the joy of being around family.
By rayze202
Crafts and homemade romantic gifts show that a person has taken the time, energy and thought to make this gift. Here are some ideas or sample crafts for those who want to make homemade romantic gifts that are sure to be remembered for quite some time.
By Lisa Bower
Mexican Christmas traditions allow celebrants to rejoice in the birth of Christ while gathering with friends and family for good food and fun. Adding any of these Mexican traditions into your celebrations can make your holiday even more festive.
By Jennifer Maughan
Giving gifts on a budget
By Jennifer S. Smith
Do you need help coping with holiday stress? Here are a few holiday stress erasers to help lower your stress and increase your cheer during this holiday season.
By David Dewitt
Learn how to make an angel Christmas ornament using a variety of pastas and a little creativity.
By Helen Polaski
Large infestations of mistletoe are capable of killing trees. Find out what to do if your trees get infected.
By Derek Gerry
Try these easy to make Christmas ornaments that will become family treasures.
By Belinda J Mooney
Italian Christmas traditions are a festive blend of Christian influences and pagan celebrations. Whether your family is Italian or you just want to explore global holiday traditions, you can incorporate some old-world charm into your holiday.
By Jennifer Maughan
Learn about the traditions and controversy surrounding Christmas and discover when it became a national holiday.
By Jessie See
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