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Christmas stocking stuffers can often get quite pricey, but there are items you can choose that make a big impact on your loved ones without making a big dent in the Christmas budget.
By Jennifer Maughan
Create fun and simple Christmas arts crafts with your kids during the cold winter months. This Christmas tree is so much fun to make. It is brimming with Christmas spirit, and adds just the right touch to your holiday decorating. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift that a young child could give to someone special.
By Denise Oliveri
You can spend a mint at pet stores on everything from gift baskets for pets to gourmet dog treats and breed-specific gifts. Or you can make your own unique dog gifts.
By Carina MacDonald
Paper ornaments are a simple and fun holiday craft. They're also great if you've got pets or small children, because you needn't worry about them breaking.
By Jenney Cheever
Christmas tree care can help you keep a beautiful and luscious tree all season long. The more you can do to keep your tree healthy, the more you can enjoy it during the Christmas season.
By Courtney Ramirez
What could be more festive than Christmas craft ornaments made by you and your family? These ornaments are simple enough for the whole family to enjoy making, from the little ones all the way up to Grandma!
By M. Lees
Large infestations of mistletoe are capable of killing trees. Find out what to do if your trees get infected.
By Derek Gerry
What can you make with a freshly popped bowl of popcorn? You can make delightful homemade Christmas crafts ornaments. These popcorn ball ornaments are easy to make and fun to do. Once you are done, you hang them right on your tree for a festive look.
By Denise Oliveri
Cookies have become a traditional treat during the holiday season. There are hundreds of different recipes out there for anyone to pick and choose through. I hope that these Christmas cookie recipes will help you choose which ones to make during the holiday season.
By Stephanie Banfield
Go beyond the traditional store-bought gifts and give everyone on your list homemade holiday gifts this year. Whether it is easy and simple or a true work of art, your present is sure to stand out from the rest.
By Jennifer Maughan
Want to learn how to make a Christmas wreath? Handmade wreaths are easy to make, but they make a very impressive gift. While you can spend quite a bit of money buying supplies for your wreath, you can also make one very cheaply with things you find around the yard or in the woods.
By Katelyn Thomas
Every year Christmas brings a sense of peace and love for all mankind. It is usually short lived, but that moment in time brings hope to children and adults alike. We must remember He who inspired the first Santa.
By elayne001
This project will create a wonderful lasting memory that can be displayed year after year. Easy, fun, cheap, simple, and family-friendly: the perfect Christmas project! It's sure to become a tradition in your family! Enjoy!
By kimmieking
Save your Christmas budget by making homemade stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.
By Katelyn Thomas
Learn how to make acorn Christmas ornaments that combine real acorn caps with home-felted wool.
By Jenney Cheever
The holidays are treasure time, when you get a lot of little things like toys, marbles, etc., that are fun to have but hard to keep track of. What can you keep all of your treasures in? Here's a colorful coffee can container you can make. 
By Lucy Oliveri-O'Hearn
Despite Jesus not having actually been born on December 25, Christians all over the world celebrate his birth on this date.
By Minnie Chatterfield
Christmas decorating themes allow you to let your creativity shine. Whatever your tastes, be they traditional, modern, minimal, or completely over-the-top, Christmas is the perfect time to impress your guests by decorating your home to maximum effect.
By David Chaproniere
Help your kids appreciate the giving during the holiday season with these steps.
By Jennifer Maughan
Instead of spending money on personal Christmas tree ornaments that are not very special, why not start a tradition of making your own with your kids every year?
By Marilla Mulwane
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