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By beginning of the 19th century, the ideas of the "old" Christmas, the Christmas celebrations from "way back when," were creeping back into style. It was in England that the first Christmas cards were made. Find out how they became popular all over the world.
By Laura Evans
The tradition of creating Christmas stockings for the children of the family is celebrated and passed on all around the world. This year, share with your children the traditional tales of how and why Santa delivered small gifts to children.
By Kristen Oliveri
Learn how to make acorn Christmas ornaments that combine real acorn caps with home-felted wool.
By Jenney Cheever
Follow these simple healthy holiday tips, tricks and techniques to help you cope with holiday stress.
By Shauna Zamarripa
Christmas tree water is an essential part of keeping a fresh Christmas tree in your home. If you want a beautiful Christmas tree but you've failed in years past, you probably didn't give your tree enough water.
By Courtney Ramirez
The holidays are treasure time, when you get a lot of little things like toys, marbles, etc., that are fun to have but hard to keep track of. What can you keep all of your treasures in? Here's a colorful coffee can container you can make. 
By Lucy Oliveri-O'Hearn
Ever wonder how did Christmas start, or why it's celebrated on December 25th? Learn about some theories on the origin of Christmas and find out where some common Christmas traditions began.
By Cheryl Bowman
Children will love the tradition of stockings even more if you make unique Christmas stockings this year.
By Belinda J Mooney
Why not turn inexpensive votive candle holders into unique handmade gifts? These small, budget-friendly items are perfect for giving as a hostess gift or tucking into a Christmas stocking during the holiday season.
By Katelyn Thomas
Christmas Eve traditions create nostalgic moments that stay with us forever. Look at what your family loves to do, and then build a tradition around that one activity.
By Helen Polaski
Christmas crafts are fun to make. They get young kids into the spirit of the holiday. These cute little Christmas pipe cleaner people are perfect for quick decorating and kids can even give them as gifts.
By Denise Oliveri
This article is about "Giving" of yourself in the Holiday Season, how feelings can change when each person gives a little of themselves, and how not even "Mr. Grinch" can stope the spirit of giving.
By AlisaO
Children's Christmas crafts not only entertain and engage young children, but they also get them excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Even better, they'll have some cute decorations to save and cherish through the years. 
By Kelly Herdrich
Playing Name That Christmas Carol can be a lot of fun for little ones who are bored with all of the holiday preparations, as well as for adults who just want to have fun.
By Helen Polaski
One of the most beloved holiday traditions is to go caroling with friends and family. Christmas caroling has been practiced for centuries in Europe, and it's sole purpose is to help spread Christmas cheer through song. Here are a few tips to make your modern-day caroling even more fun and memorable.
By Jennifer Maughan
Destroying Christmas ornaments is easier than you think. Sunlight, humidity, high heat and Christmas tree sap are all potential sources of damage. Use these tips to keep your ornaments in top condition.
By Derek Gerry
Get ideas for creative Christmas gifts for everyone on your list that only cost a few dollars to buy or to make.
By Jenney Cheever
Since handprint crafts are so simple to create, it is surprising that more people don't do these projects with their children and give them as gifts to family and friends. Here are two of my little nephew's favorite handprint crafts, the Christmas wreath and the reindeer.
By Katelyn Thomas
Transforming your home from an ordinary place to a Christmas paradise takes some work, but there are several easy Christmas decorating tips you can use to make decorating faster, leaving you time to relax, bake or squeeze in some more shopping.
By Jennifer Maughan
When you're planning a Christmas party, everything from the location of the party to the menu to the entertainment must create the right holiday mood. For that reason, leave nothing to chance.
By Helen Polaski
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