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Homemade Christmas present ideas are great ways to show appreciation since a lot of love can go into composing them. A good homemade Christmas present is one that the recipient will find both useful and meaningful.
By Momie Tulottes
What could be more festive than Christmas craft ornaments made by you and your family? These ornaments are simple enough for the whole family to enjoy making, from the little ones all the way up to Grandma!
By M. Lees
It's time to buy a Christmas tree, but you want to make an environmentally responsible choice.
By Patrice Campbell
You can make your own party stand out with homemade Christmas party invitations. A bright and cheery handmade invitation is also the perfect way to set the tone for a themed Christmas party, and you don't even need to be an artist to make beautiful invites. 
By Belinda J Mooney
With war raging everywhere, it is time to reflect on Christmas and what it brings to our troubled lives. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said it best in his poem-turned-carol "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day".
By Marilla Mulwane
Kids love to receive letters from Santa Claus. Learn how to personalize the letter and what should be included.
By Cheryl Bowman
Need some homemade Christmas gift ideas? What better gift to give adoring friends and family than a photo of your children in a handmade Christmas picture frame? Making a unique Christmas picture frame is a fast and fun project that will make your children's Christmas photo even more special.
By Katelyn Thomas
The holiday office party may sound like a social occasion, but in actuality they are still business functions. You are being observed by your co-workers, supervisors, their guests and spouses, and probably even a few board members or clients. This is no time to let loose and act like you're out with buddies.
By Alice Langholt
Wooden Christmas crafts can be created with everyday wood items, such as clothespins and ice cream sticks, and some quick touches with markers or paint, or you can add several craft supplies to the mix.
By Helen Polaski
Christmas is a special time for children, and every parent wants to make it something memorable, something magical. That may seem like a tall order considering the seasonal hoopla and commercial excess that now associates itself with this celebration, but the magic can be kept if a little forethought goes into holiday preparations.
By Michael O'Hearn
Ribbon ornaments are simple to make. Take advantage of the great ribbon selection at the craft store, and you'll have colorful, delightful decorations for your tree.
By Jenney Cheever
Christmas is what you make it out to be. Choose what kind of holiday season you want; stressful or joyful
By ljljones
Want to learn how to make a Christmas wreath? Handmade wreaths are easy to make, but they make a very impressive gift. While you can spend quite a bit of money buying supplies for your wreath, you can also make one very cheaply with things you find around the yard or in the woods.
By Katelyn Thomas
Crafts and homemade romantic gifts show that a person has taken the time, energy and thought to make this gift. Here are some ideas or sample crafts for those who want to make homemade romantic gifts that are sure to be remembered for quite some time.
By Lisa Bower
Does Rudolph really have a red nose? Does it really light up? Learn how other creatures that glow can help us understand how the nose of the most famous reindeer works.
By Derek Gerry
Playing Name That Christmas Carol can be a lot of fun for little ones who are bored with all of the holiday preparations, as well as for adults who just want to have fun.
By Helen Polaski
Homemade Christmas gifts in a jar are perfect hostess gifts and a nice way to make sure that busy friends and family get a hot meal. Use this example as inspiration to create your own delicious jar gifts.
By Helen Polaski
Christmas crafts are fun to make. They get young kids into the spirit of the holiday. These cute little Christmas pipe cleaner people are perfect for quick decorating and kids can even give them as gifts.
By Denise Oliveri
Simple homemade Christmas ornaments can bring the family together and make fantastic presents, all for very little money. Instead of picking up ornaments from the store, gather together the kids, pick up some craft items and get started.
By M. Lees
As more families strive to regain that "traditional" Christmas feeling, they're turning to handmade and do-it-yourself items. Christmas ornament crafts top the list, because they're something that can be saved - and because most of them can be done with the kids over Christmas break. It's a winner all around.
By Lolaness
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