Beaded Christmas Ornaments Instructions

Beaded Christmas ornaments are like jewelry for your tree. Sparkly and elegant, they give your tree a truly sophisticated look. When given as a gift, ornaments made from beads are sure to bring a smile to the recipients face. Here are a few tips on making beaded ornaments to keep or to give.

  • Go for the sparkle. When choosing beads for making holiday beaded ornaments, consider glass or crystal beads, which will catch the lights and make your tree truly sparkle.
  • Don't be afraid experiment with color. Beaded Christmas ornaments need not be only red, green and white. With the wide array of colors available at your local craft or beading store, you can find every color imaginable.
  • Have the proper tools on hand. You will need pliers and cutters for cutting the wire that will hold the beads. It is also helpful to have small trays available for sorting your beads and laying out your designs.

Once you have your supplies and beads on hand, you're ready to start beading! It's best to start with something simple, at first, such as this easy but elegant star ornament. For more ideas, look for beaded Christmas ornaments patterns online.

Materials Needed:

  • Heavy beading wire in the color of your choice
  • Medium beading wire, in the same color
  • Assorted beads
  • Metallic ribbon, for hanging

Cut a nine-inch piece of heavy beading wire. Bend it into a five-pointed star shape, adding a few beads at each bend. For a fun, whimsical look, don't worry too much about making the star completely symmetrical.

Where the two ends of the wire come together, start wrapping a length of medium beading wire, wrapping just two or three times around. Next, add a few random beads, then begin wrapping the wire back and forth across the stars in a random pattern, adding a few more beads here and there as you go. Tuck in the final end of the wire. Add a metallic ribbon for hanging, or make a hook from the heavy wire.

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