Ideas for Making Christmas Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments is a great holiday activity for adults and kids alike. Creating ornaments to decorate your own tree is a great way to add your own personal flair to your holiday decorating, making it truly special. Handmade ornaments also make thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list; making a christmas ornament for someone special is a great way to show how much you care. Here are a few ideas to help you make lovely ornaments to keep or give.

Making Mini Stocking Ornaments
These quaint little ornaments give your tree a sweet, folksy look. They can also be filled with small treats and given as a gift.

Begin by cutting two small stocking shapes from felt, roughly three to four inches long. Match the two pieces together and pin. Using embroidery floss and a large needle, stitch all around the stocking using a whip stitch, leaving the top open. Cut out small designs from scrap pieces of felt to decorate your mini stocking. Some popular designs are a wreath, holly leaves, candle, ornament or candy canes. Glue in place with white craft glue and allow to dry. Attach a ribbon at the top of your mini stocking  for hanging.

Making Altered Ornaments
You can make clear glass ornaments, available at craft stores, look truly special by altering them various ways. Try painting them with permanent paint pens, decoupaging them with tissue paper and glue or filling the insides with ribbon, glitter, paper bits, etc. Use any one of these techniques, or combine several for unique holiday looks. Finish them off by tying a coordinating hanging ribbon at the top.

Making Victorian Flower Bouquet Ornaments
These little Victorian flower bouquet ornaments look very elegant, but are quite easy to put together. Cut a six-inch square out of fancy, heavyweight paper. Form the square into a cone shape and glue along the seam. While the glue dries, put together a small bouquet of silk flowers. Secure the stems with floral tape or wire, so the bouquet holds its shape. Using a hole punch, make three holes around the top of the paper cone, an equal distance apart. String ribbon through the three holes to hang the cone from the tree, forming a bow at the top. Place the bouquet into the cone, securing with hot glue if desired. Your ornament is now ready to hang.

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