Christmas Decorations for Your Door

Nothing says Merry Christmas more eloquently than festive Christmas door decorations like when you deck your doors and entrances with thick green garlands, trimmed with sparkling Christmas ornaments and plenty of glittering faux flowers and gold-flecked instruments. To complete the look, wrap everything up in an array of eye-catching ribbons and bows.

One of the most important aspects of keeping the Christmas holiday festive is to be creative when thinking of Christmas decorating ideas for doors. Garland made of fresh greens, trimmed with sparkling Christmas bulbs, will go a long way in making the season bright for loved ones, as well as anyone who drives past.

Entrances Are Special
The entrance to your home is the first thing a guest sees. It gives them their first glimpse of who you are and provides the first indication of whether there is whimsy or seriousness within the walls of your home. The threshold offers the perfect opportunity to present your very own "Merry Christmas" statement for the holidays and to hint at the decorations you might have inside.

Elegant Entrances
For elegance that just won't quit, mix silver and gold ribbons and bows, faux gold-flecked Christmas ornaments, glittery faux poinsettias and other foliage in with the greens that trim your doorway. Make sure both the garland and the Christmas wreath at the front door are made of the same base ingredients and that they both follow the same pattern. For instance, if you prefer thin garland but a thick wreath, that's fine. Just make sure you use the same ingredients when you create the two. The thicker, fuller Christmas wreath will compensate for and complement the thin garland. A variety of trims can be incorporated into the garland and matching wreath that will not only catch the eye but will also pull the doorway together under one theme and make it "pop" for the holidays. You can also add pieces of sugared or beaded faux fruit tastefully trimmed with ribbon in a matching color.

Some beautiful greens that are easy to find during the holidays and even easier to incorporate into garland and Christmas wreaths for your doors and doorways include holly leaves, balsam, white pine, red cedar and Douglas fir. Blue spruce, while beautiful, is the hardest evergreen to work with, as it has short, thick needles that are stiff and downright painful to handle. Cedar is soft and offers a lacey texture, but cedar also tends to dry out easily and can crumble. Cedar is best when used as an accent color and texture. Balsam is hardy and offers the perfect base for garland or wreaths. The long thin needles of white pine will provide great texture and contour to any Christmas wreath or garland.

Dazzling Doors
Sparkle, glitter, and glitz can all be yours with the flip of a switch. A multitude of miniature lights will transform the doors on your home from drab to dazzling. Hundreds of miniature white lights create a sophisticated atmosphere in seconds. Add a few white poinsettias, and tuck in a dozen or so white ribbons edged in silver or gold.

Feeling Whimsical
To create an entrance spilling over with whimsy, trim your doors with thick garland made of fresh greens, and incorporate snowmen and candy canes. If you're looking for a childhood Christmas theme, add teddy bears or antique dolls. For a nostalgic Christmas, incorporate the ever-popular Rudolph and Santa Claus into your wreath, garland or swag, and watch the children gather. For a hint at the magic to be found on Christmas morning, include a large red sack spilling over with presents. Add a few tin soldiers to guard your front door and to keep an eye out for Santa.

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