Free Holiday Yard Decorations

Free holiday yard decorations: Is there really such a thing? Indeed there is. See just how easy and fun it can be to make your own yard décor.

Luminaries: Save your empty fruit and vegetable cans until you have enough to line your walkway. Then grab some spray paint from the garage and give them all a coat of paint. Next, punch a pattern into the side of each can (snowflake, star, etc.) using a hammer and nail or a cordless drill. Finish by placing a small candle inside each can, and you'll have beautiful luminaries to brighten up your home.

For safety, add a layer of sand to the bottom of each can. This will snuff out the candle if the flame should get out of hand.

Porch décor: Create glittery snowflakes to hang from the ceiling of your porch. For this project, start by gathering several large pieces of cardboard (corrugated boxes are the perfect source). Then find snowflake clip art online and blow up your chosen image to the size that you want your snowflakes to be. Now cut out your clip art and place it on top of the cardboard to trace. Finish by cutting out your cardboard snowflake with scissors and coating the entire surface with glitter. Repeat until you have your desired number of snowflakes.

Hang your snowflakes use fishing line, and they'll appear to float in mid air.

Mailbox: Decorate your mailbox like a present using items that you have around the house. For this project, all you'll need is an old vinyl tablecloth and some ribbon. Start by cutting a section out of the tablecloth the size of your mailbox. Then place this piece over your mailbox and secure it using a ribbon tied into a festive bow.

If you don't have an old tablecloth handy, try a plastic shopping bag turned inside out. Any piece of colored plastic will do.

Wreath: Have a wreath that's past its prime? Recycle it into something useful and new. Start by evaluating the condition of your existing wreath. Is the greenery salvageable, but the ribbon and other decorations are past their prime? Or is the entire wreath looking dismal?

If the greenery is salvageable, remove all of the ribbon and decorations from the wreath and find other items to take their place. Recycle ribbon from last year's gifts or raid your craft supplies for something suitable. Then find decorations to finish off the wreath. Dig through your Christmas stash for ornaments that can be wired in, or swipe silk poinsettia blooms from a long-abandoned arrangement. Just look around and you'll find lots of fun items to decorate with.

If the greenery is a loss, that doesn't have to mean the end for your wreath. Before you head to the trash, look to see what kind of frame the wreath has. Is there a straw or wire frame that all of the greenery is wired to? If so, remove all of the greenery and reuse the frame. For fun project ideas, consider wiring pinecones to a wire frame or ornaments to a straw wreath. Think about your own style, and create a wreath that reflects it.

Aim to decorate your yard with free Christmas decorations, and you'll enjoy all of the benefits of a beautiful home without doing any damage to your wallet.

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