How to Make Evergreen Holiday Wreaths

Love the look of evergreen holiday wreaths but hate the price tag? Make your own. It's easier than you may think.

What you'll need:

  • Fresh evergreen branches
  • A wire wreath frame
  • Garden clippers
  • Wire cutters
  • A spool of florist's wire (also known as paddle wire)
  • Ribbon
  • Pine cones, berries, ornaments, etc.


1. Gather evergreen boughs from your yard or the woods. Spruce, Douglas Fir, pine and cedar work well.

2. Trim the boughs into several six- to eight-inch pieces.

3. Place the wire wreath frame in front of you and tie the end of your florist's wire to the frame. The location doesn't matter.

4. Group four to five of your trimmed pieces into a bundle, and lay the bundle on top of the frame where you've just attached the wire.

5. Wrap the wire firmly around the bundle to secure it to the frame, but do not trim.

6. Form another evergreen bundle and lay it on the frame so that it overlaps and covers the stems from the first bundle. Wire in place.

7. Continue adding bundles and wiring them in place until you've covered the entire frame. Trim the wire.

8. Make a bow and wire it to the wreath.

9. Wire in pinecones, berries, ornaments or other decorative items to finish off the wreath.

10. Hang and enjoy.

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