How to Make Elf and Fairy Doors

How would you make elf or fairy doors, you ask? Simple. The most important building material when making an elf door is the magic of believing. Before anything else, you must believe in elves and pixies. Believing in fairies won't hurt, either.

Mind you…we're not talking about Christmas elves, here. While these elves do celebrate the holidays and very definitely appreciate a nice gift every now and again, they are not the type of elves you'd find in Santa's workshop. Instead, this type of elf or pixie, as the young ones are called, is the type that hangs around everywhere except the North Pole. Too cold up there.

Believe and anything can happen
All you have to do is believe in order for the elves and pixies to show up on your doorstep. But don't call them if you don't have a home for them. That would be cruel. If you believe in elves and pixies and fairies, all you have to do is let that belief go. It will sail along the rooftops and dip and swirl in with the passing breeze. Eventually it'll touch every corner of the globe and when an elf or pixie comes upon your thoughts, they'll know they have a place in your home to visit-or live, if and when they travel in your direction.

It's true, you know. All you have to do is believe and the magic will begin to move in ways you can only imagine. Simply believe that elves, pixies, and fairies exist-which they do-and the magic will be released in your direction just like it was released in my direction. You, too, can enjoy the benefits of having such magical creatures living in your home.

Magic is required
You're probably wondering how, if one doesn't already have magic, one gets magic. You have to believe. Once you believe, the magic is released. Then, and only then, can you begin to understand. It will be as if a new dimension just opened up.

Doors that lead to a new dimension
Of course, in order to step into your home, an elf would have to have a door, right? Now comes the easy part.

How to make elf doors
Elf doors do not require specific dimensions. They can be as small as you choose or as large as you please. They can have a frame or not, they can be painted or plain. They can be in the middle of the wall or up along the ceiling or they can be at floor level. They can be wide or narrow, made of paper or wood. They can be whatever your heart desires. There is only one stipulation. The elf door must have a doorknob. Without a doorknob, the magic will keep the door sealed. Once the doorknob is placed on the door, an elf may take it to keep others from entering, but that's fine. After all, it is their door. The only stipulation is that you initially place a doorknob on the door.

That having been said, I would like to add that because elves live presumably forever, it would be nice if the door in your home also could withstand the trials and tribulations of time. A wooden door would be a good idea.

The door should be perhaps five inches tall and about four inches wide. A door frame would make it more solid. I think it's nice when the frame and door are painted in different but coordinating colors. This makes it feel more personal, like you put some thought into what you were doing. An elf would appreciate that. In my experience, a pushpin is the perfect size for a doorknob.

In all the years since we made our elf door, I have only seen one red felt foot, and then only once, as the door slammed quickly behind an elf, apparently a teenage elf who was late coming home and found the door locked. That's what alerted me to someone being in the kitchen in the first place-that small knock. But by the time I flicked on the light, all I saw was that tiny felt foot. I'll always wonder if I frightened him. I left a note the next morning saying I was sorry, and though it disappeared, I have no way of knowing if the right elf saw it or not.

I know the elves use the elf door in my kitchen all the time. Sometimes I find little presents beside the door. I'm never sure if they're for me-as a thank-you for making the door-or if the gifts have been left by an elf from a different house, perhaps the sweetheart of my errant elf? Maybe they have lunch together. Who knows for sure? Sometimes I pick up the tiny gifts and shake them gently, but I'm always careful to return them to the same spot.

The elves and pixies have been coming and going for so many years through the elf door in my kitchen that it's starting to show some wear. I'm thinking it might be nice to give the elf door a fresh coat of paint.

Do yourself a favor. If you only believe in one thing, believe in magic. The magic is the key that unlocks all of the elf doors in the world, and all of the other magical, mythical, wonderfully outrageous secrets and fables that float from one door to the next. Is your elf door ready? The magic may be floating past your house right now.

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