Victorian Christmas Decorations

Using Victorian Christmas decorations is a terrific way to give your home an elegant look during the holiday season. Although the Victorians didn't invent Christmas, they certainly added their own flair to it with traditions that last to this day. If you want to use Victoriana, here are a few simple steps to making your Christmas decorating something that every turn-of-the-century aristocrat would be proud of:

Invest in Garland: Victorians loved garland and greenery in their homes. They were among the first to use Christmas trees regularly to celebrate the holiday, and their love of greenery extended to other areas of the home. Cover the mantle top with garlands, and tuck apples, oranges and pomegranates among the branches. You can also use a similar arrangement with garland, pearl strands and velvet ribbon on the window sills and over the front door.

Use Edible Decorations: In addition to the fruit you can use to decorate your mantle, you can use other festive foods to complete your Victorian look. You can string cranberries and popcorn together to hang around the Christmas tree. You can also make Victorian Christmas tree decorations from tangerines and cloves. Simply place the whole cloves into the skin of the tangerine, and then hot glue a silk ribbon to the top of tangerine.

Highlight Victorian Pieces on the Tree: Victorians typically used candles to light their trees, and that dangerous tradition is best left retired. Besides the candles, all other forms of Victorian ornaments can be used to decorate your tree. Look for clip-on lighting that mimics candlelight.  You can also use pearl garlands, silk roses, feathered birds and beaded ornaments to complete your Victorian tree. Make sure to emphasize the colors burgundy, pink and cream.

Decorate the Windows: Victorians liked to make every part of their house special during Christmas, including the windows. Try hanging ornaments from the top window sill so that they'll show up in the windows from outdoors. You should frame the inside of the window with garland or pearl strands. Decorate the lower window sill with candles, garlands and fruit to complete the look.

Use Holly and Mistletoe: In addition to garland, Victorians also used holly and mistletoe frequently in their decorating. Every wooden surface in their homes was strung with garland and holly berries. You can do the same to give your home a Victorian feel. Hang bunches of mistletoe from the tops of doors for some Victorian holiday fun.

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